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Jerry & Marge Selbee, Are They Still Together?

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Jerry & Marge Selbee, Are They Still Together?

The comedy film ‘Jerry & Marge Go Large’ from Paramount+ depicts the true story of Jerry and Marge Selbee, a couple who made an unbelievable profit by taking advantage of a flaw in the system of the Cash WinFall lottery game that was based in Massachusetts. Jerry and Marge Selbee did this by exploiting a loophole in the system. The movie depicts how Jerry finds out about the weakness in Michigan’s Winfall lottery draws and how he is able to identify the same hole in Cash WinFall while the former system is being phased out. Both of these events take place before Cash WinFall replaces Winfall. Because the movie only covers Jerry and Marge’s lives up until the early 2010s, the audience must be very curious about the couple’s whereabouts at the present time because the movie ends at that point. So, allow us to fill you in on everything you need to know!

Who Are Marge and Jerry Selbee, Anyway?

Jerry and Marge Selbee are a married couple who reside in the city of Evart in the state of Michigan. After Jerry’s career at Kellogg’s came to an end, he moved to Evart and began a new phase of his life by opening a convenience shop there. In the year 2003, Jerry developed an interest in Winfall, a lottery game that was centered in the state of Michigan. Jerry found a mathematical flaw in the game after carefully analyzing its components and figuring out how they worked together. He did some research and discovered that the “roll-down” structure of the lottery ensures a player will make a profit provided that they purchase a sufficient number of tickets. Jerry put his newfound knowledge to the test by betting hundreds of dollars and coming out ahead.

Jerry shared his excitement about the opportunity with his wife Marge, and she quickly agreed to join him in his quest. The two individuals established a business under the name GS Investment Strategies LLC to handle the lottery transactions. The couple’s company eventually gained ownership from a number of people in the couple’s circle of friends and relatives. The greater capital that Jerry and Marge had available to spend on tickets led to an increase in the earnings that they made.

After the state of Michigan decided to stop offering Winfall in 2005, the couple began purchasing Cash WinFall tickets from the state of Massachusetts. After nine years of purchasing lottery tickets, Jerry and Marge’s investment group came close to earning a gross of $26-27 million, including a profit of $7.75 million before taxes. This was all because to Jerry and Marge’s decision to participate in the lottery. After an article was written about a flaw in the methodology behind Cash WinFall and published in The Boston Globe, the state treasurer of Massachusetts at the time decided to stop selling lottery tickets altogether.

Absolutely, Jerry and Marge Selbee are still together after all these years. In January of 2012, the pair participated in their very last Cash WinFall game. After Cash WinFall was taken off the market, the pair decided to launch their own construction finance company. Jerry initially provided the local builders in Traverse City, Michigan, with monetary loans. Jerry acknowledged Marge as one of his main investors in an interview that took place in 2018. He was successful in winning the multistate Powerball jackpot, and he even attempted to devise a method for selecting “hot” numbers, but to no effect. Jerry and Marge were able to aid their six children, 14 grandchildren, and ten great-grandchildren by using the money they made to pay for home improvements and other family-related expenses.

Jerry and Marge continue to make their home in Evart, Michigan, alongside a number of the individuals who initially invested in them. The couple maintains relationships with those who were previously employed by their company. After Cash WinFall came to an end, Jerry and Marge were forced to go back to their regular lives, which they have maintained up until the present day. “There was absolutely no difference in my life. Jerry disclosed this information to the New York Post, saying, “In point of fact, things slowed down because we [Jerry and Marge] didn’t have much to do for that two weeks out of every six.”

“We continued to go to breakfast every day, we continued to have coffee with friends, and I continued to play poker with my buddies and everything was just back to normal,” he added. “We also continued to play poker with our friends.” The premiere of the film was held at the Tribeca Film Festival in June of 2022, and Jerry and Marge were both in attendance, along with the other cast members of the film. The pair had the opportunity to be successful at something that not only benefited them but also their family members and friends as a result of their participation in the Winfall and Cash WinFall experiences.

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