Jessica Reed Kraus, who is she? The Influencer Recalls Their Conversation With Johnny Depp

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Jessica Reed Kraus, who is she? The Influencer Recalls Their Conversation With Johnny Depp

Jessica Reed Kraus, an Instagram influencer, revealed in a Substack post on Tuesday that she spoke with Johnny Depp for an hour and a half at the start of his six-week trial.

Nearly a million people followed Jessica Reed Kraus’s Instagram account, which goes by the handle @houseinhabit. Her following increased by a factor of two during the slander trial, according to social media statistics monitor Socialblade. She also shared a number of highlights from the court case on her Instagram stories, along with in-depth testimonials.

According to Kraus’ Substack article, the actor complimented her for “carving” her posts “with intention,” in contrast to news outlets that had “failed him so many times previously.”

She disclosed that Depp had also discussed “the demise of journalistic honesty” in his comments. According to the actor, he said:

“I don’t know you, but I can tell that you have my trust based on the language you use and the aesthetic of your work.”

The influencer added that the two discussed the writings of David Foster Wallace and Hunter S. Thompson as well as their shared passion of reading books.

How did Jessica Reed Kraus and Johnny Depp become friends?

According to Kraus, she met “an old buddy of Johnny’s” on Instagram, which gave her the opportunity to get in touch with the actor. She told Insider that she had a face-to-face encounter with the friend during the trial and had the opportunity to listen in on FaceTime conversations between the Edward Scissorhands star and his pals.

She disclosed that she had met Depp at a cocktail party held at the hotel following his testimony. She remembered that the actor was unaware of the volume of media coverage the case was receiving:

He is very innocent. Because he isn’t particularly on social media, he didn’t really realize during those phone calls how popular the entire trial was.

The 58-year-old actor apparently developed a mistrust of the media as a result of the controversial Rolling Stone piece that was publisa

The influencer described their chat as follows on Substack:

“He strikes me as intelligent, inquisitive, humorous, and polite in conversation. prone to changing into character voices, much as one could anticipate from the Johnny Depp we are familiar with from film. Apart from that, he is modest, real, and wonderfully attentive.

Jessica Reed Kraus and Johnny Depp both ended up in London once the trial was over.

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