Jo Bo Ah Discusses Evil Role in ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed’, Addicted?

: Jo Bo Ah will soon greet the audience through ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’. The drama is about two military prosecutors who band together to fight crime in the military.
Jo Bo Ah recently had an interview with Esquire Korea magazine. The 1991-born actress revolves around her experience playing various roles throughout her acting career so far.
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Jo Bo Ah initially talked about why she wanted to play a strong role. “I’ve always wanted the role of my male partner. They are strong and capable, so they protect the female protagonists and save them from dangerous situations,” said Jo Bo Ah.

“When I saw it, I thought I wanted to try and present a character who knows how to fight independently and proactively, and can also express their opinions with certainty,” added Jo Bo Ah.

Previously, Jo Bo Ah starred in “All About My Mom” as Jang Chae Ri and “Sweet Stranger and Me” played the character Doh Yeo Joo. The beautiful actress admits that her personality is similar to Jang Chae Ri.

“Jang Chae Ri really resembles my usual personality. I didn’t succeed by studying or thinking about it, but it was a role I really enjoyed. He’s still the character that means the most to me,” said Jo Bo Ah.

“I have applied (what I learned) from the character little by little, and have evolved while acting,” continued Jo Bo Ah. He also briefly discussed his role in “Tale of the Nine Tailed” which was possessed by an evil character.

“It would be great, if a cool evil role came in. I want to try and play a role that I can create and express. Not a motive, a character that I can interpret and express as I wish. It was short, but while acting as Imoogi (from ‘Tale of the Nine Tailed’), I felt a sense of freedom,” added Jo Bo Ah.

Meanwhile, Jo Bo Ah will soon greet the audience through “Military Prosecutor Doberman”. The drama tells the story of two military prosecutors who choose jobs for very different reasons but unite to fight crime in the military.

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