Jo Bo Ah Protests About Army Uniforms After Filming ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’

: During the filming of ‘Military Prosecutor Doberman’, Jo Bo Ah had to wear an army uniform most of the time on set. It turned out that the actress had a suggestion regarding army uniforms.
Jo Bo Ah recently did a photo shoot with Esquire Korea magazine for the cover of the March 2022 issue. After appearing with a strong yet feminine impression, the actress talked about the drama starring with Ahn Bo Hyun, “Military Prosecutor Doberman”.
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tvN’s new drama “Military Prosecutor Dobeman” tells the story of two military prosecutors who are opposite in nature and purpose. Do Bae Man (Ahn Bo Hyun) is a money-oriented military prosecutor. Meanwhile, Cha Woo In (Jo Bo Ah) has a revenge goal regardless of his background as a chaebol family.

During the photo shoot interview, Jo Bo Ah talked about her character in “Military Prosecutor Doberman”. In addition, he also tells about the premise of the story that raises the issue of social inequality within the military.

“Cha Wo In is the one who is trying to crush corruption in the military,” said Jo Bo Ah. “I’m trying to get rid of the military-related corruption that we often hear about in the news and resolve it fairly. Also, there is a role as a military prosecutor for retaliation, so there is a dark side and it is necessary to adjust the tone of the army.”

Jo Bo Ah thought that even though it brought up heavy topics such as injustice in society, this drama could still be watched comfortably. In addition, he hopes to be accepted through his solid and serious acting.

“There are many lines that show the injustice of society, so you will be able to watch it comfortably,” said Jo Bo Ah. “It’s great to be able to play a strong and solid character, I hope the public will know I have that side.”

After filming “Military Prosecutor Doberman” which required Jo Bo Ah to wear a military uniform, it turns out that she has her own impressions. According to him, the military uniform was made too thin so he had a suggestion for it to be improved.

“I filmed the drama wearing only military uniform, but my military uniform was too thin, so it was still too cold. They protect our country, how can they wear so thin clothes? We need to fix it,” concluded Jo Bo Ah.

Meanwhile, “Military Prosecutor Doberman” can be watched on February 28. Replacing “Ghost Doctor”, this drama occupies the Monday and Tuesday slots at 22.30 local time.

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