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“Joseph is so toxic”: Fans criticize Joseph for throwing a tantrum at Shae’s event in Love Match Atlanta Episode 7

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Love Match Atlanta Season 1 returned for an all-new tense episode on Sunday night. Titled Trouble in Paris-dise, Joseph found himself in hot soup with Paris after she called him out for focusing too much on work. What started off as a minor confrontation ended with Joseph throwing a tantrum at Shae‘s masquerade ball and brashly storming out. Viewers who saw Joseph storm out were not fond of his behavior at all.

Fans who watched the episode took to social media to claim that Joseph’s behavior wasn’t right at Shae’s event.

Fans slam Joseph for throwing a tantrum at Shae’s mixer event in Love Match Atlanta Episode 7

Just one week away from the finale, things are getting heated up in Love Match Atlanta. This week, the matchmakers all arrived for a night of fun at Shae’s yearly masquerade ball. Matchmakers could also mingle with the singles at the event and see if anyone would be a good match for their clients. But things weren’t good for Joseph and Paris, who were having a disagreement.

Taking to Twitter, fans slammed Joseph for throwing a tantrum and claimed he was toxic. A few other fans added that it was unfair for Joseph to get mad at Paris while she was working, but expected her to be fine when it came to him working.

What exactly happened on Love Match Atlanta?

Before the party, Paris, and Joseph went to grab a bite. But seeing Joseph drown himself at work and not giving her any attention made her feel upset. During her confessional, Paris shared that Joseph forgot that both of them were building an empire together, and she was as hard as he was. She added that he didn’t seem to respect that.

On their way to the party, Joseph still had his laptop with him and he was working in the car while Paris was driving. Despite her requesting him to put it down, he didn’t. He promised he would not work when they arrived at the party. When they arrived at the party, Paris went to mix around with the singles in hopes of finding a match for one of their clients.

When the Love Match Atlanta star went on to call his girlfriend, she told him that she was still in a conversation with the singles. This didn’t sit well with Joseph, who erupted in anger. During his confessional, Joseph shared that when Paris declined him, it left him embarrassed.

Finding him sitting in the corner, Paris went to talk to Joseph, but he instead had a meltdown and started cussing. He was embarrassed when Paris declined him in front of the camera and stormed out of the event. When Paris followed him outside to confront him, Joseph instead kept yelling at the camera to stop recording.

The Love Match Atlanta star tried calming her boyfriend down. But Joseph pushed the camera away, telling them to stop recording. Joseph then stormed out of the event and into the parking lot cussing, claiming it was unreal. He didn’t return despite Paris asking him to calm down and return to the event.

Next week, when Love Match Atlanta returns, more drama is set unfold in the Season finale.

Love Match Atlanta airs every Sunday night at 9 pm ET only on Bravo. Readers can check your local listings for more information.

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