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Justin Rapp (Police Officer) whereabouts

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Is Justin Rapp Alive Or Dead? Officer Justin Rapp: What Happened to Him? Where Has He Been Discovered? “Web of Make Believe” is a fresh new Netflix web series about death, lies, and the internet. The first episode of this series just aired today, and the audience has a lot of questions. On June 15, 2022, Netflix released the first episode of “Web of Make Believe”: Death, Lies, and the Internet. Death by SWAT is the title of the first episode, which focuses on an extraordinary scenario in which Andrew Finch died. The first episode delves at the perils of filing a fake or erroneous police report or dialling 911 to summon a SWAT team to a location or scene. This isn’t the only instance. There are numerous other details. Continue reading till the end of his article. Take a look at the following sections.

Is Justin Rapp Alive Or Dead?

According to “Death by SWAT,” Andrew Finch’s death was caused by a false police complaint. Andrew Finch was killed by a police officer, according to the series. This is the title of the first episode of Web of Make Believe: Death, Lies, and the Internet, “Death by SWAT.” A police officer, Justin Rapp, also shot and killed the victim. More details can be found in the next section.

The incident occurred on December 28, 2017, when Wichita, Kansas police received a call from a guy who claimed he had kidnapped his family and killed his father. A SWAT team was sent to the scene, and authorities established a perimeter around it. Andrew Finch, according to the source, was a family member who lived in that particular flat. Shortly after arriving on the scene with the SWAT squad, Justin Rapp, a police officer, shot and killed Andrew Finch.

No captives were discovered during the police inquiry. Tyler Barris, a man who goes by the name Tyler Barris, called from California. Tyler Barris dialled 911 for a laugh, and Andrew Finch was stuck footing the cost. He is no longer with us. This was by far the most contentious case. Stay tuned to this website for further details.

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