Kate Middleton says she is considering having another child with Prince William

Kate Middleton says she is considering having another child and has already warned William, said she sometimes thinks about the possibility, but the prince jokes saying:
“Don’t give my wife any more ideas”.:
Kate Middleton admitted that she sometimes considers the possibility of having a fourth child with Prince William. They are already parents to 8-year-old George, 6-year-old Charlotte and 3-year-old Louis. “It makes me very sensitive,” Kate said. The revelation, in the form of a joke, was made during a visit to the University of Copenhagen. “William is always concerned that I meet children under the age of 1. I come home saying, ‘Let’s have another one,’” she explained; Follow Celebrilla for more celebrity, entertainment & Hollywood updates.

In January, Willliam joked about possibly having another baby.
“Don’t give my wife any more ideas,” he said at a hospital in Lancashire, England, as a couple delivered their baby to Middleton for a photo shoot.
Royal Sunday Mirror reporter Sarah Robertson also commented on the situation: “She’s really stood out since she turned 40 and is gearing up to be the future queen.
Kate looks very happy and joked.
Obviously being around children and babies she is very shocked and when she gets home she comments to Prince William.”

Kate Middleton says she is considering having another child with Prince William

Recently, Prince William revealed some facts about his children with the Duke of Cambridge, and confessed that he tries his best to reduce his children’s time on television, especially George, the eldest.

Kate Middleton says she is considering having another child with Prince William - 2

Also, this Wednesday (23) the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton visited a kindergarten in Copenhagen, capital of Denmark, to learn about the local teaching methodology, which focuses on social and emotional development rather than academic skills. .

The “Escolas da Floresta”, institutions of the type he visited, are anchored in nature to develop children’s self-esteem and confidence. Kate is an advocate for children to spend more time in contact with the environment. “It makes a big difference,” she revealed in an interview with the BBC.

In a recent interview with Us Weekly, journalist Nick Bullen explained that even though William and Kate have not openly stated firm family plans like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have, he firmly believes the two have no plans to have a fourth child: “ I think they feel like they have a very perfect family.
I think Kate has always made a point of following as her parents Carole Middleton and Michael Middleton and having that kind of a family of five,” he said.

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