Kim Hye Yoon Releases Cute Images, Full Body Tattoos Until Experts Ride Bulldozers in New Movies

: The film ‘The Girl on a Bulldozer’ in the near future has announced its release schedule. However, what is surprising is how Kim Hye Yoon’s transformation is to explore her super charming role.
In order to explore the role, Kim Hye Yoon transformed into a fierce figure in her latest film project. The actress who is usually known for being cute has changed her image through the film “The Girl on a Bulldozer”.
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“The Girl on a Bulldozer” is a real breakout drama where a 19 year old girl named Goo Hye Young is pushed out of control and her anger explodes against the world. Through this role, Kim Hye Yoon puts a strong energy into her role to fully express the side of her character.

It is said that Goo Hye Young is a desperate girl with many tattoos all over her arms. He used abusive language and was a terrible troublemaker.

Goo Hye Young’s character has no mother and lives with her father who runs a food restaurant with her sister. One day, his father gets into a mysterious accident, which puts him in a responsible position. He is now not only the head of the house and must take care of his sister, but also investigates the truth about the accident, and a warrior who stands against the bad world.

As a result, Kim Hye Yoon has now appeared to explore her character with full tattoos all over her arms. Kim Hye Yoon’s image really changed drastically and received positive reviews regarding the deepening of her character.

“The energy within the characters is so boiling that it’s hard to keep it in my own mind during filming,” said Kim Hye Yoon.

While training at the academy, Kim Hye Yoon confessed that she became familiar with bulldozers, even showing herself riding a bulldozer in movies. With that spirit, Kim Hye Yoon hopes that this film will be able to captivate viewers with a different charm from her previous roles.

Directed by Park Yi Woong and produced by Stubborn Studio, the film is distributed by Little Big Pictures Twin Plus Partners. There was a time when director Park Yi Woong’s debut work, who had had various experiences, was inspired by the true stories of people who had hard lives. Based on the strength of the story with actual events as the motive, the timeliness of showing the present is added to evoke empathy.

Meanwhile, the film was presented at the Today-Panorama of Korean Film section of the 26th Busan International Film Festival and has received favorable reviews from critics and audiences alike. “The Girl on a Bulldozer” which will be remembered as a unique never-before-seen Korean film, will be released in April.

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