Kim Woo Bin Named His Character in ‘Our Blues’ Most Like Him

: ‘Our Blues’ is produced by scriptwriter Noh Hee Kyung which will have an ‘omnibus’ format, which is a short story style drama with independent episodes.
Kim Woo Bin underwent a question and answer session on the Esquire Korea YouTube channel which was released on Wednesday (23/2). The actor born in 1989 discussed many things about attracting his acting career.
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Kim Woo Bin was initially asked which character in his acting project most resembles him at the moment. “I have received a lot of those questions. I think they are all like me in real life,” said Kim Woo Bin.

“I think the character Park Jung Joon that I played recently in ‘Our Blues’ is a lot like me who is 34 years old now. So I will say Park Jung Joon,” added Kim Woo Bin.

“Our Blues” is a drama directed by writer Noh Hee Kyung that will have an “omnibus” format, which is a short story style drama with independent episodes. The drama will have seven main characters, each of whom will be the focus of one episode.

Park Jung Joon is a ship captain. Kim Woo Bin described his character as “warm and bright”. The handsome actor previously said that he felt healed while playing Park Jung Joon.

Kim Woo Bin was next asked about the role he would like to play one day. “I’m thinking about playing a character whose profession is like a doctor or a lawyer,” replied Kim Woo Bin.

The next question is what kind of character Kim Woo Bin wants to play in historical dramas. Shin Min A’s lover smartly said he wanted a role with an upper class caste.

“I heard from my co-stars that you can wear warm clothes when playing high-class roles. So if I do, I want to play someone who has a high social status,” said Kim Woo Bin.

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