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Kourtney Kardashian Looks Different, Is That Cause Of Filter Or Surgery?

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Kourtney Kardashian’s large lips and freckles make her appear to be a completely different person

In addition to this, it seemed as though her eyebrows had been bleached, which resulted in a dramatic alteration to the overall appearance of her face.

Those who follow the Kardashians on social media have likely noticed that Kourtney has changed her appearance significantly in recent photographs. The founder of Poosh posted a selfie to her Instagram Story, in which fans and followers were able to observe that she now has fuller lips as well as some freckles. In addition to this, her eyebrows seemed to have lost a large amount of darkness, which resulted in a startling transformation of her entire face.

The selfie that Kim Kardashian posted on her Instagram account on June 21 revealed that the 43-year-old reality star had applied blush to her cheeks. It is not clear whether these shifts are the effect of a cosmetic product or a filter; the matter is still being investigated.

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Kourtney had posted a video to her Instagram Story with the help of a filter a few hours earlier on the same day. This resulted in a look that was heavy on the makeup yet had light eyes. This is also the reason why people started spreading tales that the woman who was a mother to three had accomplished something. Others believe that she may have undergone plastic surgery, despite the fact that some people are under the impression that she is pregnant.

Kourtney, on the other hand, is not the first Kardashian to have to defend herself against allegations that she works. Fans have taken this conversation to the online forum Reddit in order to learn the perspectives of their fellow fans.

I thought it would be fun to do a collage of “Kourtney’s butt before and after.” I believe that she started having Sculptra treatments in 2017. According to what the post says, “She looks amazing, but I can’t help but think there may have been some tweaks.” In response, a user said, “It’s hard to tell from these photographs whether or not she’s had any work done, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t. In each illustration, the smaller butt picture represents her while she is wearing an article of clothing that is low-waisted. In the other pictures, she is wearing an article of clothing that accentuates her waist. Your butt will definitely take on the shape of a pancake if you wear clothing with a low waist, whereas clothing with a high waist will make your butt appear bigger.” Another voice chimed in, “Also, it wouldn’t be fair to compare photographs of her when she was wearing flats with those taken when she was wearing heels. Heels always have that effect of elevating the buttocks.” An alternate viewpoint was that, “Instead, focus on the lower glutes or the area under the buttocks. They appear to have been raised and are more perky presently. It could be physical activity. You may improve your bottom lift by practicing Pilates and yoga. It’s possible that it’s something else. The butt appears to have more definition and tone as a result. Almost as hard as a rock.”

Fans have speculated that she has recently undergone plastic surgery because she has been posting photos of her butt cheeks. According to Healthline, the Sculptra butt lift “uses a dermal filler injection to encourage collagen formation in the deeper layers of your skin.” This is how the procedure works.

When someone on the internet first remarked, “Kourtney underwent a number of surgical procedures. She simply did it in an exceedingly natural way, which, despite enhancing her characteristics, did not alter the appearance of those traits. Botox, rhinoplasty, and a butt shot or BBL, to name a few, are just the beginning.” Kourtney responded to their criticism by stating, “There is no higher form of praise than a compliment that seems impossible to believe, so thanks for the butt shot and the Brazilian butt lift. And you were only beginning to speak.

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