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Lagori Sathish Vajra Cause of Death In Pool CCTV Footage

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At his house in the city’s RR Nagar police station, Kannada film actor Sathish Vajra was stabbed to death. When he was assassinated, the 32-year-old was also the president of the Mandya Prajwal Devaraj Fans’ Association. He also had a salon, and some of his customers included movie stars. Satish’s wife, according to accounts, had recently committed suicide. According to investigators, his murder could be linked to the death of his wife. The horrifying revelation has gone viral on the internet, stunning everyone to their core. Let’s take a look at the actor’s situation.

Lagori Sathish Vajra’s death reason 

The actor was discovered dead at his West Bengaluru house on Saturday morning, June 18, 2022, according to reports. In this case, police have detained two men, one of whom is his late wife’s brother. A neighbour discovered the murder at Pattangere, RR Nagar, according to reports. When the neighbour learned about the situation, he promptly alerted the landlord, Hemanth Kumar. The landlord discovered bloodstains on Sathish’s second-floor door lock and phoned the cops.

When the cops arrived, he used a spare key to open the door. They found Sathish dead in a pool of blood in a bedroom when they entered. His gut had been gashed and his throat had been cut. According to police, Sathish’s in-laws blamed him for his wife’s death, claiming he tortured her. According to reports, Sathish’s wife died seven months ago, leaving a baby in the hands of her family.

Sathish paid frequent visits to the child. The actor was even attempting to gain custody of the youngster, which resulted in a squabble. According to accounts, Sudarshan, Sathish’s wife’s younger brother, wanted to teach the actor a lesson. As a result, he and another man named Nagendra are accused of stabbing Sathish, locking up the house, and fleeing. Satish lives near the Basavanna Temple in Pattanagere. Sudarshan, his brother-in-law, and Nagendra, a family member, have been detained.

“His deceased sister’s mistreatment previous to her death, as well as a custody battle over their child, could have prompted the murder,” said Dr. Sanjeev Patil, DCP (West). Since the heartbreaking news broke on social media, tributes have flooded in for the Kannada actor. All of his followers and well-wishers are paying him sincere tributes and hoping for his soul’s rest. Our sympathies to his family and friends are also extended by our crew. May his spirit find eternal rest!

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