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Laura Ackerson updated Murder Case

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Laura Ackerson died in July 2011 while going to pick up her two sons from her ex-apartment. partner’s Her ex-partner dissected her and discarded her body pieces in a creek.

Laura was a young woman from Kinston, North Carolina, who was completely innocent. She was a nice girl with a wonderful relationship with her family and friends. She used to live in Kinston, North Carolina, and worked in the marketing industry.
Her coworkers admired her work since she was very skilled at it. Her coworkers, on the other hand, were aware of her absence for a few days. The last time anyone saw her was on July 13, 2011.
She also dropped her kids off at Grant’s Raleigh, North Carolina apartment. She was scheduled to be back in two days, but she never showed up. After a week, the inquiry discovered her automobile in an apartment complex in Raleigh, where she used to live with Grant.

What Happened To Laura Ackerson Before She Died?

Laura Ackerson had been dead for eleven days when the investigating team discovered her remains in a creek in Richmond, Texas, on July 24, 2011. Her body parts were severed and scattered in the water by the perpetrator.
According to the investigation team, the murderer dumped the body pieces on a boat. Grant and his wife killed her and mutilated her body with a power saw when she went to Grant’s apartment to receive her children.
They also tried to dissolve her remains in muriatic acid by placing her body in ice chests. They tossed her body pieces into a creek in the hopes of being eaten by alligators. They were apprehended by police after body parts were discovered.

Laura Ackerson Children & Family 

Laura Ackerson was the mother of two gorgeous sons and a caring mother. She had two sons from a love engagement with Grant Hayes. Grant’s aggressive personality, though, caused them to split up.
Grant, in example, spent nearly a year in police detention as a result of a custody battle between his two children. Grant, on the other hand, married Amanda Smith Hayes, his girlfriend, in April of 2010. Two of her sons, on the other hand, were living with her and frequently visited Grant.

Amanda and Grant Hayes Whereabouts

Amanda has been detained in the Anson Correctional Institution for Women in Polkton, North Carolina, while Grant has been serving time at the Caledonia Correctional Institution in Halifax County, North Carolina.
On August 26, 2013, Grant entered a not guilty plea in court, however on September 16, 2013, the court found him guilty of first-degree murder. Grant was also given a life sentence with no chance of release.
Amanda, on the other hand, was found guilty on February 19, 2014 of second-degree murder. For murder, the court sentenced her to 16 years in prison, and for tampering with evidence, she received a 20-year sentence in Texas.

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