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Lifetime’s Sleeping With a Killer: Where is Ashley Mead’s killer Adam Densmore now?

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The upcoming episode of Sleeping With a Killer will cover the case of Ashley Mead, a mother and pre-school teacher from Boulder, Colorado. She was heinously murdered and her body dismembered by her ex-boyfriend Adam Densmore. The two shared a 1-year-old daughter and had been living together in an apartment in Boulder, Colorado, even after their breakup.

Sleeping With a Killer: How did the police find out about Adam Densmore’s crimes?

Two days after she went missing on February 12, 2017, Ashley’s friends and co-workers alerted the authorities of her disappearance. When the police searched her apartment, they found signs of disturbance, such as an unlocked door, food in the microwave, phone and ID left behind, and a baseball bat on the ground.

Sleeping with a Killer depicts how the police discovered that Densmore had called his father in Louisiana on the night of Ashley’s disappearance, claiming that the two had fought and that he needed a place to crash. He took his daughter along, and the police arrested him for custody violation.

While in custody, police traced his movements and learned that he had stopped at a Walmart in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. Security footage then showed him stopping at a gas station and opening the lid of a dustbin. Upon searching the dustbin, they found Ashley’s torso stuffed into a suitcase. Despite their best efforts, they could not locate the rest of her body parts, and Densmore refused to disclose where he had buried them.

Authorities believed that Densmore killed Mead at their apartment in Boulder and took her body to his parents’ home just outside of Shreveport, Louisiana, where he dismembered it. They alleged that he then travelled to Oklahoma to discard the body parts, which is where he was eventually caught.

Densmore’s sentencing ahead of upcoming Sleeping With a Killer episode

In May 2018, over a year after Ashley Mead’s disappearance and murder, Adam Densmore was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. He was found guilty on all counts of first-degree murder, tampering with a corpse, abuse of a corpse, and tampering with physical evidence. An additional 12 years was awarded to him for the dismemberment of a corpse and the heinous nature of the crime.

Densmore’s past criminal record did not help his case. He had previously been arrested for domestic violence after allegedly choking his ex-wife in Louisiana. In 2010, he received a DUI and a probation violation the following year. He was also charged with disturbing peace in 2013.

In another horrifying revelation during his trial, it was found that Densmore journaled extensively about imagining or wanting Mead dead. He had also expressed a desire to hurt his own mother as a young boy.

In his journal entries, he had written:

“I’m so tired of being tired of her. I’m so tired of her not seeming to give a good goddamn about me and wants and my needs.”

The undated entries also included a written account of his desire to hurt someone:

“I long to hit someone. Hard. And again. I want someone to feel the frustrating helplessness of a beating.”

His journal entries and other evidence against him were enough for a 16-member jury to convict him in connection with the murder of Ashley Mead. Though many questions about the case remain unanswered and the rest of her body parts are still missing, Adam Densmore has been incarcerated for life.

Sleeping With a Killer is Lifetime’s true crime series about ordinary people who met terrible fates at the hands of their significant others, friends or lovers. Narrated by Katie Flamman, the show has two episodes so far, with new episodes releasing on Mondays at 10/9c. With a dramatic spin, the show covers true events and provides details about the harrowing cases.

The upcoming episode of Sleeping With a Killer will be released on Lifetime on June 20, 2022 at 10/9c.

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