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Lifetime’s Suitcase Killer: Shooting Spot & Cast Explored

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Lifetime’s Suitcase Killer: Shooting Spot & Cast Explored

Nicole L. Thompson is the director of the true crime movie “Suitcase Killer: The Melanie McGuire,” which airs on Lifetime and is based on the horrifying actual story of the same name. It follows the life of the main character, Melanie McGuire, and recounts her experiences. She is involved in a passionate love affair with a fertility doctor named Brad, who also works at her clinic, where she also works as a fertility nurse. The desire to begin a new life with her new lover takes control of her, and rather than having a conversation with Bill about it, she decides to drug him and then kill him. After that, she dismembers him and then places the pieces of his body in three separate suitcases, which she then throws into a bay.

However, not long after that, the luggage are found on the beaches of a beach by the waves. This sets off an investigation into the disappearance of the suitcases, and Melanie is the primary suspect for reasons that should be evident. The audience is interested by the production settings that appear in the Lifetime film because to the presence of the scary and violent imagery that are set against some unique backdrops in the picture. If you are the type of person that is naturally inquisitive, you might be interested in hearing what we have to say about the topic!

Filming Locations for the Movie “Suitcase Killer,”

It would appear that “Suitcase Killer: The Melanie McGuire” was shot entirely in the state of Georgia, more specifically in the city of Atlanta. The movie’s primary photography began in March 2022 and was completed in the early part of April of the same year. The majority of the story takes place in New Jersey; nevertheless, due to the expansiveness and variety of the scenery in Georgia, the Peach State does an excellent job of standing in for the Garden State. In addition, the fact that the movie is being produced by Swirl Films, a production company based in Atlanta, makes it more plausible that the film was shot in the state of Georgia. Now, let’s have a look at the precise places that were used to construct the scenes for this incredible film based on a true murder!

Atlanta, Georgia

It would appear that all of the crucial scenes for the movie “Suitcase Killer: The Melanie McGuire” were shot in and around Atlanta, which is the state capital and the most populous city in Georgia. It’s possible that the production crew traveled all around the city to film a variety of pictures, both indoors and outside, with a variety of different backdrops. The city’s geography features lush vegetation, various rolling hills, and one of the densest tree coverages found in urban areas in the United States thanks to its location on the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Due to the high concentration of filmmaking activity in the city, Atlanta is often regarded as one of the most important centers for the film and television industries worldwide. The city is also well-known for serving as a stand-in for other regions of the world and even imaginary settings, which is one of the primary reasons why it serves as an excellent location for filming “Suitcase Killer: The Melanie McGuire.” In addition to this criminal film, a number of other movies, such as “The Valet,” “Black Widow,” and “Loki,” have used the settings and environments of the city in their films.

Melanie McGuire and the rest of the cast in “Suitcase Killer”

Candice King plays the part of Melanie McGuire in the movie that is being produced by Lifetime. Since she plays Caroline Forbes on the CW series ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ many of you may recognize her face because of her role in the show. In addition to that, she is well-known for her recurrent role in the spin-off shows ‘The Originals’ and ‘Legacies,’ both of which she has appeared in. Furthermore, Michael Roark plays the role of William “Bill” McGuire, Melanie’s husband in the show.

Michael Roark plays the role of Colton Donavan in ‘Driven,’ as well as Marshall Bennett in ‘Bennett’s War,’ Kyle Johnson in ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ and Travis Crawford on ‘The Young and the Restless.’ In addition, he has had guest appearances on a number of popular television shows, such as “Grey’s Anatomy,” “Banshee,” “Sleepy Hollow,” and “Finding Carter.” Jackson Hurst (who plays the role of Bradley Miller), Wendie Malick (who plays Patti Prezioso), Jermaine Rivers (who plays Pickell), Ian Lyons (who plays the role of Judge Devesa), and Charles Massey are some of the other cast members that have significant parts in the crime movie (Police Officer).

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