Lorde on the cover of the next Australian Vogue

The Australian version of Vogue has unveiled its cover for next month, the image shows singer Lorde in summer outfits. The edition has an exclusive interview about Solar Power.: The Australian version of Vogue, made a small disclosure this last arrow (25), revealing some details of its next magazine, but still keeping some secrets. Among the materials released, is the famous cover, which this March will have the singer Lorde stamping the magazine. Follow Celebrilla for more singers, music, songs & album updates.

In the released image, the New Zealander wears typical summer clothes, with a floral dress, arms free of accessories and loose hair.
An interview was also made with the singer about her album “Solar Power”, but this part will unfortunately only be revealed with the launch of the magazine, with the other contents.

Photo: Vogue’s Instagram post (Reproduction/ @vogueaustralia)

About the album, “Solar Power”, there have already been several fights, including lawsuits, between artists due to who received the credits for the album.
Although the magazine has not yet been published, Lorde commented on the case on the A24 Divine Frequency podcast, made with actress Hunter Schafer, famous for her role in the series “Euphoria”.

Lorde vents that she only began to receive credit for her work on the clips on “Solar Power”, where she was finally credited as co-director, despite working in the profession for a long time during her musical career. After this clip, the singer began to reflect more on her work.

“I wrote all the treatments and helped produce it, because I was super, super involved.
It was a lot of fun being on that set.” Lorde says during the show.
Taking advantage of the hook, Hunter asks his colleague if she has driven before.

The singer responded as follows: “It’s that classic thing for young women where you’re like, ‘I think I do this, but I’ve never been credited with this and nobody’s ever talked to me about it,’ whether it’s music production, video, directions, or graphic design. .” Explains the singer, who continues right after.

“It takes a second to say, I know what I contributed to this and my credit should reflect that. It’s definitely been a process for me, figuring out how to express that. So (the ‘Solar Power’ video) it’s the first time I’ve been called a director.” reveals Lord.

Featured photo: Lorde during the Solar Power collim.

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