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The conclusion of Love & Gelato is discussed, including the question of who Lina winds up with

Love & Gelato, a film that can be found streaming on Netflix, is a film that lives true to its name in terms of romantic relationships and gelato.

Brandon Camp is directing and writing the film, which is based on the best-selling book published by Jenna Evans Welch in the New York Times. The plot is on a young girl who travels to Rome in order to make her mother’s dream come true, only to discover that she has developed an unhealthy obsession with the city and its gelato along the journey.

Let’s find out who Lina ends up with, then deconstruct and analyze the finale of Love & Gelato so we can fully comprehend it.

Lina is seen at the conclusion of Love & Gelato making the decision to chose herself above either of the two guys who she had been with throughout the course of the movie. On the other hand, the conclusion left open the possibility that she would end up with Lorenzo, implying that even a year apart would not prevent them from running into each other again.

After completing his studies at the Culinary Academy in Paris, Lorenzo made the decision to take over Greta’s job at the restaurant when she eventually retired. After that, he had extended an invitation to Lina to join him at his grandmother’s place for dinner and gelato. Love & Gelato came to a close with Lina pedaling away on her bicycle.

The conclusion of Love and Gelato begs the question: who is Lina’s father?

Following the revelation that Lina was in fact Matteo Fussi’s daughter, fans watched as Love & Gelato moved closer and closer to its conclusion and saw that Matteo Fussi flatly refused to see Lina. This infuriated Lina, and as a result, she snapped a picture of the artwork that her mother Matteo had hanging on the wall of his workshop. Lina, who was going through her painful experience, found herself back with Lorenzo, and the two of them kissed. After some time had passed, Lorenzo communicated his desire to make their relationship work, but Lina did not share this sentiment.

Even when Lina was persuaded by Howard to return to the United States, she continued to plan her journey. Despite this, Addie made up her mind to remain in Italy after being transported there. They went to a party at Ale’s apartment, when they learnt that Lorenzo was planning to attend the Culinary Academy in Paris. She hurried to the airport and gave Lorenzo an explanation, saying that their kiss had not been a mistake but that it had simply occurred at the wrong time in her life.

Lina revealed that in her mind, the proper action consisted of picking one of the two men she had met, despite the fact that the diary had been urging her to pick herself as the person she would marry the entire time. Because he is the more understanding of the two, Lorenzo accepted and comprehended Lina’s decision.

After some time had passed, Howard proposed to Lina the idea of accepting him as her biological father. Lina was overjoyed at the prospect of finally having a family, and as a result, she chose to postpone attending college for one more year. She made the decision to remain in Italy in order to better understand who she is and to be closer to her adopted father.

Lina’s mother never wished for her daughter to get to know Matteo Fosi, and she had always held the belief that Howard would be the most fit to take care of her daughter in the role of a father. She had feelings for him, but they had a chance encounter at the wrong time. At the conclusion of Love & Gelato, the audience sees Lina taking shots with the camera that belonged to her mother as she wanders the streets of Italy.

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