Lucca Picon talks about ‘Back to 15’ series

Actor Lucca Picon gave an interview to POPline and told some behind-the-scenes curiosity about the new Netflix series “De Volta aos 15” and talked about his partnership with Klara Castanho.: The newest national Netflix series “De Volta aos 15” starring by Maisa Silva, Camila Queiroz, Klara Castanho and premiered this Friday (25), Lucca Picon, one of the cast members, told some behind-the-scenes details of the production in an interview with POPLine. Follow Celebrilla for more movies, tv shows & Hollywood updates.

At the beginning of the interview Lucca told of the opportunity to have participated in other works “In a short time I got opportunities to do different types of projects, series, films, soap operas, clips in different stations, production companies and streamings, and this brought me many new experiences that I am very grateful to have.
All the result of a lot of study and dedication”

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Continuing the interview, the actor said that he still keeps in touch with the friends he made on the series. The artist said that they have a group called “DV15″ where they end up talking and making jokes. The actor also recalled his partnership with actress Klara Castanho, with whom he made a romantic couple in “Confessions of an Excluded Teenager”. “This is my second consecutive work with Klara Castanho, my partner in ‘Confessions of a Excluded Girl’, and Caio Cabral, who is also in the film and series with us. It’s the second time I’ve made a romantic couple with Klara, a super talented actress, and Caio, another surreal guy, a friend of mine, who became one of my best friends in Rio de Janeiro. Both on Netflix.”

Picon did not hide his admiration for the presenter Maisa, he said that he always accompanied her on “Bom dia e CIA” and was anxious to meet her, when he had the opportunity he thought “she is an amazing girl, 100%.
It just surprised me positively.”
Maisa plays Anita, the protagonist of the series.

The production was recorded during the pandemic, following all the safety protocols “We lived in the same hotel, but it ended up that we couldn’t see each other there as much because of the protocols because of COVID, but on the set everyone got along very well. It’s a group that I always want to have with me”. The series was inspired by the book by Bruna Vieira and tells the story of Anita, already 30 years old, played by Camila Queiroz, who has the opportunity to go back to her 15 years and fix, relive and change things from the past, but consequently affecting the future. . The series is now available on Netflix and has six episodes lasting 30 to 40 minutes.

Featured photo: Lucca Picon.

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