Marissya Icha Responds to Comments on Threats Will Be Sacrifice, Fadly Faisal Joins the Body

: Marissya Icha after all spoke back to a threatening remark that stated she would turn into a sufferer like Vanessa Angel, this is her response as neatly as Fadly Faisal’s protection.
Marissya Icha is known to be a detailed good friend of the past due Vanessa Angel and additionally has a detailed relationship with the family of the past due Aunt Andriansyah. Even so shut, in recent years Icha is frequently matched with one of Aunt’s more youthful siblings, Fadly Faisal.
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Although many other people like her figure as a result of she is so shut to Aunt Andriansyah’s family, it kind of feels that Icha can’t be separated from the goal of haters’ arms. As in the past reported, he even won feedback threatening to be sacrificed like the past due Vanessa.

“Don’t play video games with my family, understand that MI will be our sufferer quickly. Will be like Vanessa,” reads a danger learn by means of one of the hosts of the program “Morning Morning Ambyar” when Marissya Icha and Bibi’s family are visitor stars.

It is not known for positive the reason why for the remark to be written by means of an account. However, there are additionally those that suspect that this is due to his shut relationship with Fadly Faisal. Related to this, Icha is now giving a reaction.

Marissya Icha admits she is aware of and many mark her Instagram account if there are indirect feedback like that. But he himself was able to get a pro-cons reaction as a result of of his angle which have been leaning more against the family facet of Aunt’s father or H. Faisal.

“Doing just right not everybody can settle for it. I’m able for the dangers and penalties,” stated Marissya Icha.

Marissya Icha tak memungkiri jika dirinya merasa cukup kaget dengan komentar jahat yang diarahkan kepadanya. Namun sahabat Vanessa Angel ini memilih untuk tak ambil pusing dan pasrah kepada Tuhan.

“Kalau ada yang mengatain itu, jujur aku kaget. Tapi kembali lagi agak kepikiran sih. Terus yaudah lah serahin semua ke Allah karena apapun yang terjadi semua atas izin Allah,” jawab Marissya Icha menuai salut.

Di sisi lain Fadly yang duduk di samping Marissya Icha ikut buka suara. Ia mengaku turut sakit hati jika membaca komentar miring kepada sahabat kakak iparnya ini hingga pasang badan memuji perjuangan yang dilakukan Icha kepada keluarganya.

“Pastinya sakit hati juga ya melihat komentar negatif seperti itu. Dia juga enggak tahu apa yang kita perjuangkan,” tutur Fadly Faisal membela.

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