Maudy Ayunda was dragged into the Wirda Mansur controversy after admitting to studying at Oxford

: Maudy Ayunda was right away dragged away by means of netizens after the excited commentary of Yusuf Mansur’s daughter, Wirda Mansur, who admitted that she had studied at Oxford University.
The daughter of the well-known cleric Ustaz Yusuf Mansur, Wirda Mansur is lately in the highlight. Wirda Mansur is thought of as to have lied to be a graduate of a world-renowned college, particularly Oxford University.
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Wirda Mansur’s commentary later widened to the level that it was suspected that he was additionally mendacity about the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) ranking. Wirda Mansur admitted that he had an IELTS ranking of 8.5 thru his non-public Instagram account. However, Wirda Mansur was stuck the use of a caption with out correct grammar.

Wirda Mansur’s commentary then made netizens shake their heads. Even even though Wirda Mansur has clarified his position of find out about, he nonetheless will get so much of slanted feedback.

Maudy Ayunda was additionally dragged alongside by means of netizens in the Wirda Mansur controversy. The reason why is, Maudy Ayunda is known to in truth graduate from Oxford University. Maudy Ayunda could also be a grasp’s level graduate from Stanford University.

Warganet requested that Wirda Mansur be met with Maudy Ayunda to in finding out about the intelligence of the two. Not a couple of have wondered what Maudy Ayunda’s angle would be if she knew about the Wirda Mansur controversy. In reality, not a couple of have tagged Deddy Corbuzier’s Twitter account to invite Wirda Mansur and Maudy Ayunda in combination on his podcast.

“@corbuzier we want wirda mansur and maudy ayunda in the similar room,” one netizen mentioned on Twitter. “Miss Wirda, I’m sorry, Maudy Ayunda laughed, and took the IB to Oxford,” mentioned any other. “Wirda, don’t you need to check out speaking to Maudy?” say any other.

“Wirda is solely speaking, she’s subsequent to Ma Maudy,” any other commented. “If Wirda is beside Maudy Ayunda, Ms. Nana (Najwa Shihab), Laura loves, Tasya Kamila, in the event that they communicate like Wirda, they simply concentrate,” defined any other. “I need Wirda Mansur in the similar interview or podcast with Maudy Ayunda and Cinta Laura, I wager in 5 mins we will be able to in finding out who truly went to school and dropped out thrice,” mentioned any other.

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