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Mayhem is Dead or Alive? Norwegian Black Metal Band Wiki Biography Age

In this article, we will read about “Mayhem is Dead or Alive? Norwegian Black Metal Band Wiki Biography Age

Social media is flooded with death rumors of Mayhem. Reports are claiming that the member of the Norwegian black metal band is dead. While many have already believed the news, many are still trying to find out if the hoax holds any truth or not. Due to this reason, Mayhem has come on the top trend. People are searching whether Mayhem is dead or alive on social media. Are you also confused about the same? Well, check out the article below and get all the crucial information about him and the band.

Several reports are claiming that Mayhem has died and has left his loved ones in profound grief. Although the rumors have surfaced all over the internet, it is not confirmed whether something happened to him or not. Nevertheless, some fans have taken to social media to pay the member sincere tributes and to extend their deepest condolences to his family and friends. Many are still denying the fact that Mayhem is dead. As mentioned, nothing has been confirmed at this moment. Neither anyone from Mayhem’s family nor his friends have come forward and spoken about the matter yet.

Talking about the Norwegian black metal band, it performed several secret shows during the Wolf’s Lair Abyss tour. Due to this reason, it got the name “Wolf’s Lair Abyss”. Let us tell you that the group was founded by Jørn Stubberud and Kjetil under the name Musta. It is said that the band’s name comes from the venom song titled “Chaos with Mercy”. Reportedly, the band used live singer Messiah or Maniac at live/ studio events, playing instruments during rehearsals or singing with Necrobuthcre or Euronymous. However, both Maniac and Manheim left the band by the end of 1987.

Maniac and Manheim’s position was temporarily filled by Vomit members before frontman Dead and drummer Hellhammer took over in 1988. After Dead’s suicide, the police and media become concerned and Necrobutcher decided to leave the band. On another side, Occultus, who was the former singer of Thyabhorrent, replaced Dead. He reportedly sang and played bass on Mayhem for a few months. He left soon after as well. It is no doubt to state that the band has always been in the headlines. Because of the musicians entering and exiting the band, it always stayed in the limelight. This time, the band has grabbed the limelight for one of its members’ death. Follow our site for more updates!

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