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Meet Marty Stuart Wife Connie Smith? Everything To Know About The Singers

Marty Stuart and Connie Smith exchanged wedding vows regardless of 17 years of age difference. They first met each other back in 1970 at Connie’s concert.. . Follow us for more celebrity & entertainment updates.

Marty Stuart’s Wife Connie Smith: Their Relationship Timeline

Marty Stuart’s wife Connie Smith also belongs to the fraternity of professional singers. The power couple has been together for over two decades now, i.e., 24 years.

The couple crossed paths for the very first time when Stuart was just 12 years old. During their first meet, Smith was performing in Stuart’s hometown of Philadelphia, Mississippi.

Stuart and Connie met on July 24, 1970, at the Choctaw Indian Fair in Philadelphia. The couple married after 27 years of seeing her for the first time.

The couple married each other regardless of 17 years of age difference. The male singer is 63 at the moment, whereas his wife Connie is 80 years old presently.

Marty and Smith walked down the aisle on July 8, 1997. Ever since, the prominent singer’s love for each other has only grown more strong in these 24 years of togetherness.

Not to forget, Connie had been married three times prior to marrying the singer. She was married to her first husband, Jerry Smith, in 1961 and later divorced in the mid-1960s.

After the divorce from her first husband, Connie married the guitarist in her touring band, Jack Watkins. However, her marital life with Watkins ended nearly a year after marrying.

Marty Stuart and Connie Smith don’t have children together until this very day. However, Connie is the mother of her five children with her previous husbands.

Smith conceived her first child Darren Justin, born on March 9, 1963, with her first husband, Jerry Smith. Her first child Darren at the moment, is 59 years old, just five years younger than her husband.

The singer had a son, Kerry Watkins, prior to separating nearly a year after marrying her second husband, Jack Watkins. Excluding two sons from her two marital relationships, she is a mother of three daughters.

Connie shares three daughters, Jeanne, Julie, and Jodi Haynes, with her third husband, Marshall Haynes. In-depth information about her children isn’t approachable presently.

Talking about the net worth of Marty Stuart, the legendary singer is reported to have a sizable fortune to his name. He has been active in the industry for over five decades now.

Marty has charted over 30 times on the Billboard Hot Country Songs charts thus far. Above all, the singer has also bagged five Grammy Awards out of 16 nominations.

Do Marty Stuart And Connie Smith Have Children Together? 

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