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Melanie Mcguire also as “Suitcase Killer”: Children, Husband & Family

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Melanie McGuire, the Suitcase Killer, is based on a true story that occurred in New Jersey in 2004 when Melanie, a local nurse, murdered her husband, William, a computer programmer, dismembered his body, packed it in a suitcase, and dropped it in the Chesapeake Bay.

Candace King starred as Melanie McGuire in the television film, which was released on June 18, 2022. Here’s a look at the incident and some information about the McGuires’ children.

Melanie McGuire children with husband William McGuire

Melanie McGuire had two children with her husband William MacGuire, called Bill, whom she murdered and mutilated and threw in the Chesapeake Bay in three suitcases.
Suitcase Killer: The Melanie McGuire Story, a television movie based on the true story, premiered on Lifetime on June 18, 2022. Nicole L. Thompson directed the series, which stars Candice King as Melanie and Michael Roark as William.
The couple had two sons and lived in an apartment in Woodbridge Township, New Jersey at the time of the murder on April 28, 2004. The older of the two was four years old, while the younger was only two.

Melanie first drugged and then shot her husband William on the tragic day of the murder. The vicious woman then dismembered his body and stuffed the cut body parts into a three-piece luggage set, which she dumped.

What Has Happened to the Suitcase Killer Family?

The children of Melanie McGuire, the famed “Suitcase Killer,” were handed to Bill’s sister, Cindy Ligosh. Since her arrest, the murderer has not seen her two sons.
To preserve their privacy and avoid undue media attention, the two boys’ names were not published and no information about them was released. The youngsters, along with their relatives, appear to still live with their aunt.
Melanie McGuire, the Suitcase Killer, gave a rare interview to ABC News’ Amy Robach in September 2020, in which she maintained her innocence and encouraged her sons to investigate the case more and not accept what they were witnessing.

Melanie McGuires affairs with Dr. Bradley Miller “Scandal”

Melanie’s reported affair with Dr. Bradley Miller heightened tensions in the couple’s relationship after five years of marriage. Melanie worked as a nurse in Dr. Miller’s reproductive clinic as a partner. Bill used to work at the New Jersey Institute of Technology as a computer programmer.
Melanie was pregnant with their second child when the romance began in 2002. They were supposedly dating, and the woman’s dissatisfaction with the married couple prompted her to do such a severe and heartless deed.
Melanie sedated Bill and then shot him with a rifle she had brought a few days before on April 28, 2004. She then dismembered his body and dumped it in three suitcases, which were eventually discovered in the Chesapeake Bay in May.
When Melanie was apprehended, police charged her with first-degree murder. Bill’s automobile, which was parked in Atlantic City, had a vial of the sedative chloral hydrate as well as two syringes.
Melanie was later identified as the murderer of her husband after authorities uncovered little fragments of Bill’s flesh, dubbed “human sawdust,” in her home. Melanie was convicted guilty of first-degree murder, perjury, desecration of human remains, and possession of illicit weapons after a trial on the murder accusation.
She was sentenced to life in jail on July 19, 2007, with no chance of parole until she reaches the age of 100. Melanie continues to maintain her innocence and denies murdering Bill.

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