Michael Flood to Leave Grey’s Anatomy After 3 Years

Michael Flood’s departure from the series Grey’s Anatomy was announced, the actor played the doctor Dr. Cormac Hayes, check out details of the character’s farewell.: To the sadness of fans of “Grey’s Anatomy”, the departure of actor Michael Flood, who played the character Dr. Cormac Hayes for three years. The information was brought by the Deadline portal, revealing that the character will come out in the next episode that will air next week, in the United States, but it is not known for sure when the episode will be available for Brazilians. Follow Celebrilla for more movies, tv shows & Hollywood updates.

Hayes appeared for three seasons in a row, with enough screen time to win over audiences.
In the narrative, the pretext created for the doctor’s departure was her desire to spend more time with her children, so she will return to Ireland.
The scene shows the character delivering his resignation letter to the boss Dr.
Bailey, played by actress Chandra Wilson.

Michael Flood will leave the series Grey's Anatomy after participating for 3 years - 1

Initially, it was promised to Flood that Hayes would play the role of love interest to series protagonist Meredith Grey, played by Ellen Pompeo from the start of the series. However, plans changed due to the coronavirus, which may have left the actor frustrated with the direction of the character, leaving him discouraged for the role.

Photo:Michael Flood acting in Grey’s Anatomy (Reproduction/Star+)

A curiosity that most fans are unaware of is that Ellen Pompeo herself claims to have seen few episodes of the series. In her podcast, the actress stated that the only reason she watched some episodes of the show was when she prepared to direct the series, to maintain the essence of the show.

“I didn’t really see most.
I watched some.
The few times I directed it, I went back and watched some old episodes.
My intention is always to keep the spirit of the early days.
That’s really the hard work: trying to keep that DNA, which is hard, but at least it gives us a goal to fight for,” Pompeo said.

The series is gearing up for season nineteen, despite Pompeo’s calls for the story to be finished.

Featured photo: Michael Flood acting on Grey’s Anatomy. Playback/Star+

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