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Milly Gattegno love relationship with Darren McMullen

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Milly Gattegno is mostly recognised for the events that have occurred in her personal life as well as the elite social circles that she has maintained in Australia.

Together with Suhana “Sui” Lye, she is one half of the DJ team known as The Faders. The DJ pair headquartered in Sydney has a recording contract with Universal Music and has released a number of successful albums, including “F.U.N.” and “F.U.N. 2.”

Throughout the course of their careers, this accomplished couple has worked as brand ambassadors for a variety of prestigious companies, including Gucci, Chanel, Ray-Ban, Absolut, David Jones, Myer, Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, Tag Heuer, and Uniqlo.
Given her extensive history and pervasive presence in the area, it is unsurprising that DJ Milly has attained a prominent position in the business world.

Milly Gattegno’s Age

In the year 2022, Milly Gattegno will be in her late 40s at this point in her life. According to an interview that she gave in 2014 to the UK’s Daily Mail, she was 29 years old at the time.
Milly has aged gracefully and is noted for her attractiveness as well as her athleticism. She is most known as the girlfriend of Darren McMullen, who appeared on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Her technique for maintaining her fit and lovely body is one of the most sought-after topics for her to discuss.
The upbeat DJ has not given up her DJing methods despite the fact that she is getting older, and each day she achieves new levels of success.
Since Milly is included on the list of stylish Australian celebrities, numerous media sites have given her the moniker of a stylish hottie DJ. Her Instagram account is where she posts regular updates about her life, in which she poses for photographs while dressed in stylish attire.

Milly Gattegno- Wikipedia Bio Of Darren McMullen Girlfriend

Milly Gattegno was born and raised in Australia, and she makes her home in Sydney at the present time. She takes pleasure in both her extensive business career and her days spent as a public figure.
She and her partner Sui are referred to as brand gurus during the day and international DJs after the sun goes down. She is a fashion guru. After discovering that they have an appreciation for classic hip-hop and R&B, she and Sui began working together as a performing duet.
When Milly and Suhana first met, Milly was working for MTV Australia. Because of their shared interest in things like music, travelling, and having a good time, the two women got along famously right away. Since that time, they have maintained the same lifestyle.
Milly was previously involved in a romantic partnership with the comedian Chris Lilley before she began dating Darren McMullen. From 2014 until 2016, the couple was dating, and throughout that time, Milly was transparent about her feelings for him. Earlier in same year, the DJ had given an interview to Who Magazine in which she discussed her friendship with the cast members of “Jamie: Private School Girl.”

After then, she is said to have been the girlfriend of Darren McMullen, according to a widespread rumour. In addition to his humorous portions, Mr. McMullen is well-known for his time spent as a co-host on previous seasons of The Voice Australia. There was widespread speculation that he and Milly had a romantic relationship a few years ago.
On the other hand, neither of the celebrities ever addressed the claim, and it is currently believed that they are no longer together. Despite this, it is clear that the two have a strong friendship because they are frequently seen attending events, parties, and private lunches together.
Late in November 2021, the two were photographed by Daily Mail UK as they were out having lunch together. At the fashionable Japanese eatery Raw Bar in Bondi Beach, the two were hanging out with the proprietor of P.E. Nation, Pip Edwards.

Milly Gattegno And Darren McMullen Dating Timeline On Instagram

You may find Milly Gattegno on Instagram by searching for @thefadersdjs as her username. The name of this page was chosen to honour her DJing duo group known as The Faders.
In the same vein, she manages the account with her fashionable appearances and vacation experiences reflecting her life in the nation of Australia. This is evidenced by the fact that the account is full with photographs of beaches and blue skies.
While they were dating, she and her now-ex-boyfriend Chris Lilley frequently commented about each other on their own social media accounts.
Due to the fact that Milly exclusively writes about her outfits, her Instagram account contains very few posts regarding her boyfriend. Therefore, there is not much of a clue to be gleaned from her social media handle on the status of her romantic relationships.
In addition to that, she adds photographs to her list that she has taken of her acquaintances as well as new clothing items. Her 29,000 followers are overjoyed to see her active participation on the site, and they wish for further conclusions to be drawn from her life.

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