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Mina Roe Net Worth And Revenue: How Much Does RHODubai’s Lesa Milan Fashion Line Make?

In this article, we will read about “Mina Roe Net Worth And Revenue: How Much Does RHODubai’s Lesa Milan Fashion Line Make?

Lesa Milan’s clothing brand Mina Roe’s net worth value is estimated to be multi-million dollars. Here is what we know about it.

Lesa Milan is a businesswoman and entrepreneur who rose in popularity after her appearance in Real Housewives of Dubai.

The TV show based on some of the successful wives of Dubai featured several independent women and Milan is one of them.

Although she got fame among the general audience from the show, her name in the business industry was already pretty highly regarded from her works.

Her maternity clothing brand, Mina Roe, is a special company that focuses on providing quality clothes to mothers.

It is quite widespread among the women to the extent that even Beyonce once featured the company’s dress.

Other than her, several other celebrities have also endorsed the brand in the past.

The clothing brand Mina Roe has enjoyed further promotion from the woman’s appearance in RHOD and the fans are now curious to know further about it as well as the lady.

What Is Mina Roe Net Worth And Revenue?

Lesa Milan’s clothing brand, Mina Roe’s net worth value is estimated to be around $10- $50 million.

Milan's photo taken from her official website
Milan’s photo taken from her official website (source :

To be clear, the actual valuation of the lady’s company is not updated on the internet media.

So, we cannot precisely confirm the exact net worth value of Mina Roe.

Thus, speculating on the basis of the brand’s earnings and transactions remains the only option to get an idea about the exact fortune.

Mina Roe is a well-established entity and it sells luxury clothes at a high rate with a high margin.

Considering this detail with the big recognition and know-how of the company, it is pretty clear that its’ revenue is pretty high, in multi-million figures.

A company with high revenue figures probably has a high net worth valuation.

On the other hand, Milan’s net worth value is reported to be around $5- $9 million as per Bustle.

Lesa Milan Fashion Line Wikipedia

Lesa Milan’s main fashion line consists of the Mina Roe maternity clothing brand while she also owns a children’s-focused brand.

Her kids section of items is dealt with by the brand titled My Little Makers and operates from its own website but there is not much activity on this section as per reports.

 It only sells educational toys and games for infants and very young kids.

So, her recognition and operation mainly come from the maternity-based label which provides all the clothes to the mothers of all stages.

Who Is Lesa Milan Husband?

Lesa Milan’s husband is Rich Hall and he is a British financier.

He is currently the president of a boutique investment advisory firm whose headquarter lies in London.

Lesa Milan and her husband, Rich Hall
Lesa Milan and her husband, Rich Hall (source :

Lesa and Rich met for the first time when both of them were on a vacation in Miami.

They quickly got together and started dating each other.

After a year of togetherness, the couple decided to tie the knot in 2014 and both of them are jubilant together in a happily married relationship.

They have three children and all of them are boys.

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