“Ming is just miserable”: Fans slam Ming after she stirs drama about Shae’s new beau in Love Match Atlanta  - Celebrila

“Ming is just miserable”: Fans slam Ming after she stirs drama about Shae’s new beau in Love Match Atlanta 

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Love Match Atlanta Season 1 returned for an all-new dramatic episode on Sunday night. Titled Trouble in Paris-dise, Ming continued to be on the receiving end of criticism from fans after she tried to stir drama between Shae and her new beau during her masquerade ball. Luckily, Shae didn’t fall prey to her claims.

Just one week away from the Season finale, Episode 7 of Love Match Atlanta showcased Ming trying to stir some drama.

At Shae‘s annual masquerade ball, she decided to introduce her new beau to the rest of the matchmakers at her event.

Shae’s beau Marquette arrived at the event, and everyone was glad to meet him. Ming made a late entrance, and when he noticed her, he got up to introduce himself to her. But when Ming saw Marquette, she immediately told him that she had known him from somewhere else.

Ming didn’t exactly remember where she knew him from, but she told Shae that she remembers him and that she didn’t forget that easily. Later, Ming revealed that Marquette slid into her DMs on social media and said ‘hi’. But after that, there was no other conversation between them.

The Love Match Atlanta star paid no attention to Ming’s claims and continued to spend time with her new beau before going on to dance with him on the dance floor. Fans who watched the episode slammed Ming on social media.

Fans slam Ming for trying to erupt drama between Shae and her boyfriend in Love Match Atlanta Episode 7

Taking to Twitter, fans claimed that Ming was being messy and miserable. Some also added that Ming needed to focus more on her husband rather than worrying about Shae’s boyfriend.

More details on what happened this week on Love Match Atlanta, Season 1, Episode 7

Apart from Ming’s attempt to stir drama, a whole lot more drama unfolded this week. Paris and Joseph found themselves in the middle of a heated confrontation. During lunch, Paris pointed out that Joseph barely took time away from work. Apart from that, she added that she worked as hard as he did, but he didn’t respect it.

During his confessional, Joseph shared that during the time he was spending away, he was picking out an engagement ring to propose to Paris. But she was unaware of it.

Meanwhile, things took a heated turn during Shae’s event when Joseph threw a temper tantrum as he was embarrassed when Paris declined his attempt to have a conversation with her in front of the camera.

Love Match Atlanta airs every Sunday at 10.00 pm ET only on Bravo. Readers can check local listings for more information.

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