Navalny: What Happened To Russian FSB Spy Konstantin Kudryavtsev, Is He Still Alive?

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What Happened To Konstantin Kudryavtsev?

Luckily, the activist made it again alive even if he was hospitalized as a result of of his situation. Later, when he recovered and the investigation was going on, he poised as an FSB authentic to communicate to Kudyavtsev, who was the secret agent from the group.

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Is Konstantin Kudyavtsev Still Alive?

Netizens surprise what came about to Konstantin Kudryavtsev after he revealed how they poisoned Alexei Navalny. 

A brand new documentary named Navalny has launched in the USA on April 11, 2022. It is the tale about the assassination try on Russian opposition chief and former presidential candidate Alexei Navalny in 2020, in which he was poisoned with a military-grade nerve toxin. 

As the documentary was launched, netizens have been making an attempt to in finding out about key characters concerned in the incident. One of them is Konstantin Kudyavtsev. 

Konstantin Kudyavtsev was one of the ones individuals who was concerned in poisoning Alexei Navalny, who was a Putin critic. According to Bellingcat, Kudryavtsev was a graduate of the Military Biological-Chemical Academy and in a while labored at the Ministry of Defense’s forty second (Biological Warfare Defense) Institute.

Navalny launched a video on December 21, 2020, the place he made the name with the secret agent. During the name, Kudyavtsev mentioned that the poison have been positioned on Navalny’s clothes, significantly his underpants. 

And that Navalny would have died if the jet had not made an emergency touchdown and an ambulance group had arrived on the runway briefly sufficient.

No one is aware of whether or not Konstantin Kudryavtsev remains to be alive or not. According to Scottish Sun, he vanished after the telephone name in December 2020. He has not been observed since.

Following the discoveries, Navalny best friend Lyubov Sobol was discovered accountable of trespassing on Kudryavtsev’s land and passed a suspended sentence of one 12 months of neighborhood carrier when she went to interview him. 

Although she denied the allegations, the FSB passed out the suspended sentence. There have been many individuals who visited for the identical goal, however he denied seeing somebody. Thus, there are no details about his whereabouts. 

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Konstantin Kudyavtsev was one of the accomplices in Navalny poisoning, however his wiki details are not to be had but. His look in the documentary will show off the function he performed in revealing the entire plan of those that sought after to kill the activist. 

He was the one who went to blank up the mess of the homicide try in Omsk. 

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