Neslihan Güneş’s Biography, Let’s Know Her

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On Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit, Neslihan Güneş has posted videos and photos.

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She was born in Turkey. She is a lovely young lady. She is a 23-year-old woman.

She has a height of 5 feet 7 inches. The size of her bra is 28b. Her weight is 67 kilogrammes. Her black eyes and white hair give her the appearance of a queen. Her body is just stunning. Her skin gleams and glistens like gold. She’s also a fitness fanatic.

Neslihan Güneş is in the center of a controversy

She has a lot of haters on YouTube and Instagram. Every YouTube user disapproves of her videos. On her video, her critics have submitted a slew of negative comments. You’re well aware that practically every celebrity has a slew of detractors.

Videos & Photos of Neslihan Güneş

Despite Yeni Safak’s anger, the lawyer informed her about Ozcan’s statement and stated that he would not make her retract it. Ozkan’s words, according to a lawyer named Neslihan Gunes, violate human rights and are illegal under both local and international law. “As the concept of general equality in Article 10 of our Constitution exerts on each and every individual, those living abroad should be treated similarly as citizens of Turkey,” Gunes argues, claiming that Ozzan took the excessive, illegal measure. The current legal system necessitates it. Those who damage others would be sued.

According to the assessment of an attorney named Eyuphan Korkmaz, Tanju Ozcan’s comment is certainly a crime of discrimination and hatred. This is prohibited by both the Turkish Penal Code and the Turkish Republic of Turkey Constitution. Treating people with compassion, administering justice, and conducting business fairly are the most popular principles. Outside of Turkey, there are more than 6 million Turks. In Greece, Germany, Bulgaria, France, and Germany, we must treat all members equally, because even a small amount of discrimination can be harmful. Despite this, it’s not totally apparent what the viral video depicts.

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