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Netizens defend TXT’s packed concert schedule as the group embarks on first world tour

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K-pop group TXT are in for a packed couple of months ahead of them, as they gear up for their first world tour. However, the tour dates released by HYBE attracted attention when a netizen posted a blog on popular South Korean forum Pann Nate, on June 21.

The blog, which listed all the tour dates, was titled Isn’t HYBE crazy? and asked whether the tour looked like a “reasonable schedule” for the boys.

In response, many were quick to point out that the group had been given sufficient time off in August and Semptember.

This year, the quintet will embark on their first-ever world tour called 2022 TOMORROW X TOGETHER WORLD TOUR <ACT: LOVE SICK>. The tour is slated to begin on July 2 in Seoul, South Korea and wrap up in Bangkok in October.

TXT’s world tour schedule sparks disagreements among netizens

On June 21, a South Korean netizen posted a blog on Pann Nate, criticizing HYBE for TXT’s ACT: LOVE SICK world tour schedule. The netizen added a screenshot mentioning their tour dates, with a one line caption asking:

“Is this a reasonable schedule?”

The dates mentioned in the screenshot included world tour concerts and an annual rock festival held in Japan called SUMMER SONIC.

The post was not well received as many commented that the group’s schedule was similar to K-pop groups performing world tours in pre-pandemic times.

Many also defended the company, as they shared that the members were young and passionate enough to carry through a normal schedule like this. The eldest in TXT, Yeonjun, will turn 23 in September this year.

The most voted comment was from a netizen who talked about the group surpassing their rookie stage and being able to establish themselves strongly.

Meanwhile, a few commented that July was the busiest month due to the US leg, pointing at the time off during other months.

Others chimed in and said that it was a common tour schedule and reiterated the need to grow popular in order to stay relevant in an industry that debuts new groups every year.

TXT will make their US festival debut with Lollapalooza, a four-day annual music festival. Their senior, BTS’ J-hope, will be headlining the event, and is the first-ever K-pop idol to be selected as a headliner for a US festival.

The group’s latest comeback, minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, was one of the only two K-pop albums on Billboard’s The 50 Best Albums of 2022 So Far: Staff Picks.

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