“Nicole is pathetic”: Fans slam Nicole for being obsessed with Chantel in The Family Chantel Episode 3

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The Family Chantel Season 4 returned for an all-new intense episode on Monday night. Titled On The Chin, the episode showcased Nicole’s continuing obsession with Chantel.

While Nicole prepped for her Miss Dominican Republic pageant, she didn’t even try to hide her hatred against Chantel. Viewers who watched the episode slammed Nicole, claiming she was jealous of her brother’s wife.

Later in the episode, the series shared a preview of what viewers can expect when The Family Chantel returns next week. Nicole could be seen telling the camera that if she happened to win Miss Dominican Republic, Chantel could kiss her a**.

Fans who watched Nicole say these things about Chantel took to social media and slammed the reality TV star, claiming she was obsessed and jealous of Chantel.

Fans criticize Nicole for obsessing over Chantel in The Family Chantel Episode 3, Season 4

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that Nicole was behaving pathetically and claimed that she was always trying to one-up her. Some fans also added that Nicole was jealous of Chantel.

More details on what happened this week in The Family Chantel Season 4, Episode 3

Apart from Nicole’s continuous and obvious obsession with Chantel, a lot more drama unfolded this week in The Family Chantel. Episode 3 of The Family Chantel showcased Nicole getting on a call with Pedro for the first time after his trip to the Dominican Republic.

During their conversation, when things got heated, Nicole called Chantel out claiming that she was the one who spoke nonsense about her.

Aside from Nicole, Pedro and Chantel’s marital issues continued even after she returned from her trip to Mexico. While Chantel missed her husband and was excited to see him, she was worried that Pedro wouldn’t feel the same.

When Pedro was asked if he liked staying home alone, he shared that he enjoyed being alone at home because no one was there to tell him what to do and what not to do. Chantel also asked Pedro to open up to her and tell her how he was feeling.

Chantel said:

“You’ve been really disturbed lately. It’s hard to watch. I feel like you’ve been distant from me lately too. And I don’t want us to drift further apart. I want to be able to support you as your wife. Part of it is that you’re going to have to open up to me and communicate with me about what’s going on inside.”

Pedro, on the other hand, just shirked off her request, claiming he couldn’t find himself opening up to her. During his confessional, Pedro shared that he could tell Chantel how he felt, claiming she wouldn’t understand.

Chantel was also worried that Pedro was always working and not worried about her. She claimed that the spark and romance that was there when they started dating, has diminished since they got married.

Next week, when the reality TV series returns, more drama is set to unfold. The Family Chantel airs every Monday at 8.00 pm ET only on TLC. Readers can check local listings for more information.

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