Olivia Rodrigo is depressed when she is about to release her 2nd album after her first work ‘Sour’ exploded

: Olivia Rodrigo shared a different experience when working on her second album after her first album was so successful. Olivia also admitted that she was depressed because of these feelings.
The young and talented actress and singer Olivia Rodrigo has recently opened up about her career and some of her works. Olivia revealed the pressure she experienced when she was about to write her second album.
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Which, the press came after Olivia’s first album, entitled “Sour”, skyrocketed and was heard by millions of people around the world. Olivia later said that the success made her even more depressed. This is because Olivia is worried that her second album will not be as good and not as satisfying to the fans as her first work.

Even so, Olivia’s thoughts have changed over time. Olivia suddenly didn’t want to stress herself on her second album.

Olivia admits that she will be more relaxed and have fun while working on her second album. Olivia said this during an interview with Billboard.

“I have a title for my next album and a few songs,” says Olivia. “It’s great to think about the next world that’s coming for me. I like writing songs. I try not to put too much pressure on myself. I want to just explore and have fun now.”

However, Olivia confirmed that the experience of writing on the second and first albums was different. However, Olivia claims the method, mechanism and habit of writing songs in her room is still done in the middle of the process of making the second album.

“It’s definitely a different experience writing a second album after debut that was so well received,” he said. “I still write so much of my music in my bedroom, and I don’t think that experience will ever change. Writing songs will hopefully always be an outlet for me to process my feelings before anything else.”

On the other hand, Olivia recently officially joined a bigger agency, namely Lighthouse Management + Media Aleen Keshishian and Zack Morgenroth. Interestingly, Olivia entered the same agency as Selena Gomez. Not only Selena, Olivia is also in the agency that houses Jennifer Aniston, Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Paul Rudd.

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