Only Sullyoon’s photo, NMIXX’s ‘O.O’ debut MV Thumbnail is in question

NMIXX’s debut: The photo posted as the thumbnail of NMIXX’s debut MV on YouTube was disputed by netizens. Instead of a photo of the seven members, JYP only posted a photo of Sullyoon.
NMIXX’s debut has successfully attracted the attention of many people. This time, netizens highlighted the reason why JYP Entertainment only posted Sullyoon’s photo as the thumbnail of their debut MV on YouTube, instead of all the members.
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After a long wait, NMIXX finally debuted with the song “OO.” JYP has a lot of hope for this rookie group because they invested a lot of money in the MV, even from pre-debut.

While their debut song received negative reviews from netizens, the photo posted as a thumbnail for their MV on YouTube was also brought into question. Instead of a photo of the seven members, JYP only posted a photo of Sullyoon.

“I admit that Sullyoon is very beautiful and it’s great that she’s making a splash now, but this is their debut song so I think it’s too much if they only put one member on the thumbnail,” wrote a netizen.

“I didn’t think that it would be a problem, but I just thought that it was a bit of a shame because they had to make the whole group known instead of just one member.”

“If you look at TWICE and ITZY from the same company and IVE, STAYC, Kep1er and aespa, they all have the full group on their debut thumbnails,” he continued.

This has also sparked debate among netizens. Some feel JYP is too much, but not a few think this is not a big problem, because Sullyoon is the most popular member.

“To be honest, JYP should have included everyone in their debut MV,” commented a netizen. “That’s because of the visuals of the other members,” added another netizen. “Because there is no member that deserves to be proud other than Sullyoon,” wrote a netizen.

“But even BLACKPINK’s ‘Whistle’ and ‘Boombayah’ (Black Pink) have thumbnails of each member. This is unfortunate but, but not a big problem,” said another. “But Sullyoon is the most famous, really,” concluded another.

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