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ORIGINAL: CHINESE RABBIT CRUSHING VIDEO Clip Went Viral, Crush Rabbit Sequel Become Sensation On Social Media!

In this article, we will read about “ORIGINAL: CHINESE RABBIT CRUSHING VIDEO Clip Went Viral, Crush Rabbit Sequel Become Sensation On Social Media!

One more leaked video went viral on social media and received a lot of attention. The people are constantly searching for the viral video and their full links. The name of the trending video is “Crush Rabbit Sequel”. The question is what depicts in the video which is making it viral on social media platforms. If you also wanted to know more information about this video then keep on reading this blog from its start to end. The video is garnering a lot of attention and pulling the attention of anyone. As per the reports, in the viral video, there are many rabbits who are captured in metal cages and all the rabbits sit in the corner. The video is about 4 minutes, Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

And 9 seconds long and creates a buzz amongst the question but the question is why people are getting crazy after watching bunnies in the video? In the viral video, there was a girl also seen who is looking around 20 years old. She comes up to the cage and open it and takes out a bunny and began embracing and kissing it after that, she started looking at the camera and stated hello and shockingly she throws the rabbit away on the table. Not only this, she again take out one more rabbit and repeat the process and stroked it fastly, and then put the rabbit in her pockets. After keeping the rabbit in her pocket she went away while singing a song


And comes to the kitchen to pick up the plate and made some facial expressions and once again picked up the plate. In the video, the small rabbit looks scared and shivering badly. The little bunny was seen scared but the girl did not feel pity for it and the rabbit began coming towards her and she squashed it and it stopped moving. This dreadful video brings tears and sympathy at the same time and whoever watching the video is feeling sad for the rabbit. This scary video clearly scared many users and the video has been uploaded on the Internet. People are scared of the thought that a Chinese girl is not feeling pity for rabbits and crushing and killing them for her fun only.

Several people are asking the government to ban her account and take strict action against her. They are protesting against it and asking law enforcement to take strict action and asking for the safety of animals. All over the social media platforms, the netizens are protesting and asking the government to safeguard the animal from such abuse and violence. After watching the furious people, the investigation is going on and some sources are claiming that this video has been made so that they can sell the bunnies to the abroad fetishes. The video is presently becoming a hot topic of discussion as of now there is no information revealed regarding the name of the girl. Be connected with us we will be soon back with more accurate information.

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