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Oxygen’s Snapped: Killer Couples: How did Georgia Mae Green Griffin survive Kim and Lenorris Williams’ attack?

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The upcoming episode of Snapped: Killer Couples will feature Kim and Lenorris Williams, a couple from Georgia who brutally stabbed a woman and then set her house on fire, influenced by voodoo. The episode that will be released on Oxygen on Sunday, June 19, 2022 will dive into how the victim made it out alive despite being brutalized to such an extent.

Georgia Mae Green Griffin, the 61-year-old victim of the Williams couple’s crimes, miraculously survived the couple’s murderous attempt and was timely rescued by emergency personnel. Tune into Season 16, Episode 10 of Snapped: Killer Couples to find out more about the couple’s romance and what prompted them to commit the crime.

Snapped: Killer Couples is set to depict Georgia Mae Green Griffin’s resistance to death at the hands of the couple

In April 2017, Kim and Lenorris Williams viciously attacked a 61-year-old woman named Georgia Mae Green Griffin in Baker County, Georgia. The couple, set to be featured in the upcoming episode of Snapped: Killer Couples, horrifically stabbed Mrs. Griffin 27 times and then set fire to her house while she was still alive inside.

Michael Bankston, Chief Assistant District Attorney for the South Georgia Judicial Circuit, said,

“They stabbed the victim some 27 times, they set fire to her house, burned her house completely to the ground with her still inside.”

Prosecutors revealed that Kimberly Williams was a voodoo-obsessed woman who was convinced that Mrs. Griffin had put a voodoo-type spell on her marriage in an effort to break it apart. As a result, she retaliated by attacking her in this vicious manner.

Despite sustaining multiple stab wounds and having her house put on fire, Griffin managed to crawl out and hide in the woods until emergency personnel could take her to the hospital. Following the incident, she had three strokes while in the ICU, but managed to survive it all.

“Determined, fighter, survivor” were the words used to describe the victim Georgia Mae Green Griffin who managed to survive an attack unlike any other. She recovered in a hospital in Dothan, Alabama, where her family visited her from Georgia. Mrs. Griffin’s cousin Pamela Green Jackson and her two daughters traveled back and forth to cater to her. needs while she was at the hospital. Jackson also set up a GoFundMe account to help pay for the family’s travel expenses and Griffin’s personal expenses.

In 2020, when facing her attackers in court, she said about the attack,

“That was sad, wrong, but God knows best. He worked it out and I thank God for that.”

Kim and Lenorris Williams were sentenced to 40 years each for one count of arson in the first degree, one count of aggravated assault, and one count of attempting to commit murder. Kim’s sentence included 35 years in prison and five years on probation while her husband’s sentence included 30 years in prison and 10 years on probation.

While walking out of the courthouse, Rhonda Walker, Griffin’s daughter, said,

“This is all over and behind us now.”

Due to a joint effort between state and local law enforcement, justice prevailed. The killer couple has been incarcerated for a long time, preventing them from hurting anyone else.

Snapped: Killer Couple Season 16, Episode 10 will feature the murderous attempts of Kim & Lenorris Williams

In the upcoming episode of Snapped: Killer Couples, viewers will get to dive deeper into the romance between Kimberly and Lenorris Williams and how they devolved into committing the brutal crime. Using interviews and witness accounts, the true crime series will provide a gripping first-hand narration of the harrowing incident.

Don’t forget to tune into Oxygen’s Snapped: Killer Couples on Sunday, June 19, 2022 at 6/5C.

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