Park Seo Joon Positive for COVID-19 Without Specific Symptoms Decided on Filming Schedule for ‘Dream’

KDrama Actor Positive COVID-19: Park Seo Joon has been reported to have been exposed to the COVID-19 virus since February 19 yesterday. Thanks to this news, several of the actor’s activities have been suspended, including the postponement of the filming schedule for the film ‘Dream’.
Recently, positive cases of COVID-19 have increased again among the public. It is unavoidable if the entertainment industry also experiences the same thing considering that many artists are exposed to the virus.
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On Thursday (24/2), it was reported that Park Seo Joon tested positive for COVID-19. The results of this diagnosis were presented by the actor’s agency Awesome ENT, which released its official statement.

“As a precautionary measure, Park Seo Joon did a self-test using a self-test before moving to all of his filming locations. Before resuming activities scheduled for last week, he tested positive using the self-testing kit, so after carrying out a PCR test he finally tested positive on February 19,” the agency said.

This indicates that the news was only revealed 5 days after the actor tested positive for COVID-19. Due to being exposed to the COVID-19 virus, Park Seo Joon has now stopped all his work activities.

“Park Seo Joon has completed three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, and he has suspended all scheduled activities since February 18 and is taking the necessary measures to quarantine and receive treatment according to the guidelines set by government health authorities,” the agency later said.

The agency also gave news that the actor is currently recovering and has no specific symptoms. Considering the actor has done the vaccine in the third dose stage.

The news of Park Seo Joon’s exposure to the COVID-19 virus affected his activities in the film industry. As is known, the actor is currently preparing for the shooting process for the film “Dream”. As a result, the filming schedule will change along with Park Seo Joon’s recovery.

According to a source from the film industry, the filming schedule at home and abroad has changed due to the positive case of COVID-19. It is known that the film “Dream” still has a domestic shooting schedule and is currently being worked on.

It is planned that when the domestic shooting schedule is complete, the actors and crew will leave for Hungary to continue shooting there at the end of February, which has now been changed to be postponed.

Meanwhile, not only the film “Dream” which stars Park Seo Joon as one of the most awaited spectacles by viewers. Park Seo Joon is also preparing other film projects such as “Concrete Utopia” and the drama project “K Project” and of course “The Marvels” which continues to invite curiosity about its release.

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