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Paula Stafford cause of death

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The bikini was first popularized in Australia by Australian fashion designer Paula Stafford. 

Some have referred to her as “Australia’s first bikini designer.” In 1920, Stafford was born in Melbourne. She attended Melbourne Technical College’s Emily McPherson School of Domestic Economy after  school to study clothing design. 

She started selling them after someone in Gold Coast asked to buy one of her homemade costumes. 

Melbourne and the Gold Coast both adopted her fashions. She started her business by employing machinist in her attic, but then built factory, and opened a shop, called the Tog Shop.


Paula Stafford cause of death

The hundred and two year old Australian fashion designer is reported to have passed away on June 23 of 2022. It is believed that Paula died from natural causes. Although she had maintained her health even in her advanced years, some of the ailments that come with old age caught up with her.

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