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Ayu Aulia Tries Suicide: The most well liked news from the following celebrities in the leisure international have effectively attracted the consideration of netizens. Curious about anything else? Let’s see more in right here!
Good morning unswerving pals anyplace you are. How are you lately? Before beginning the job, let’s take a peek at the news that has been hotly mentioned in recent years.
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The first news got here from Ayu Aulia who reportedly attempted to dedicate suicide as a result of he was compelled to have an abortion by means of a man with the initials RO. Furthermore, there was news from Maulana who denied being the lover of Mayang, the sister of the overdue Vanessa Angel.

The subsequent news got here from YouTuber Farida Nurhan who opened her voice relating to the factor of unfollowing Fujianti Utami. From South Korea, Song Hye Kyo’s new look in a photoshoot has been a hit. Check out the complete evaluate below.

1. Rumored ‘Forced’ Ayu Aulia Ex Zikri Daulay Abortion, RO Men’s Profession Is Not Cans

Ayu Aulia brought about a stir as a result of she attempted to dedicate suicide. The lady who’s now reportedly shut to Zikri Daulay is suspected of having attempted to dedicate suicide due to being harassed to face an issue. There had been rumors that the figure of RO allegedly compelled Ayu to have an abortion till the 29-year-old model was depressed.

The figure of RO himself is allegedly named Robby Onga. According to Ayu Aulia’s adoptive sister Adhe, RO is in reality a large businessman who’s Ayu’s good looks trade spouse. Adhe had was hoping that RO would make an apology for his movements.

On the different hand, Adhe has denied the allegation that Ayu Aulia attempted to dedicate suicide as a result of she was requested for an abortion. However, the explanation why Ayu attempted to finish her life remains to be being saved below wraps.

2. Rejecting Mayang’s boyfriend, Maulana uncovers a foul feeling after being flawed for Doddy’s ‘Prospective In-law’

The figure of Maulana Ardiansyah abruptly was the public highlight. After being stuck in detail with Vanessa Angel’s sister, Mayang, Maulana was discussed as a possible in-law of Doddy Sudrajat.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t supported, netters even insinuated that singers who are an identical to Aunt Andriansyah and Iqbaal Ramadhan are simply doable girlfriends, putting in place social media. After being blasphemed, Maulana asserted that he was uncomfortable with the assumption that he was socializing and approached Mayang as a girlfriend.

Maulana emphasised that he had constructed a musical career for many years and was unhappy as a result of he was hit by means of slanted problems. He additionally admitted that he had a foul feeling prior to being invited by means of Mayang to collaborate. But Maulana attempted to be skilled in this regard. Maulana additionally gave the impression to reject the perception that he was going out with Mayang.

3. Unfollowing every different with Fuji, Farida Nurhan sneering at the ‘Mastermind’ of Enemy Issues?

Recently, unexpected news circulated about Farida Nurhan who was rumored to be adverse to and unfollowed Fujianti Utami. Whereas Farida was prior to now flooded with fortune after collab with Fuji. The Fuji fan account was then amazed at the alternate in Farida alias Omay’s perspective.

After turning into a public highlight, Farida opened her voice. He was not indignant however nonetheless warned the Fuji fan account, which gave the impression to unfold dangerous news. Omay additionally recommended that there must be no fights on social media.

Regarding the news of Fuji’s unfollow, Farida didn’t need to be too transparent about the causes. To be certain, Omay by no means had an issue with Vanessa’s sister-in-law. He was additionally unhappy as a result of he was thought to be ungrateful to Fuji.

4. Almost Unrecognizable, Song Hye Kyo ‘Throws Out’ Image Attached to Her in New Photoshoot

Song Hye Kyo shared some of her new photoshoots with Harper’s Bazaar Korea to advertise the luxurious emblem Fendi. Song Hye Kyo succeeded virtually unrecognizable in her new photo shoot as a result of she appeared very other.

Song Hye Kyo gave the impression with some distinctive gothic make-up. He wore black eyeshadow that made his eyes glance sharp.

The stunning actress who was born in 1981 appears to be like fascinating with various Fendi collections. Song Hye Kyo seems in an off-the-cuff to formal taste with a proper swimsuit.

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