Puppet Party Held Causes Noise, Gus Miftah Clarifies Until ‘Reluctant’ Apologizes

: Gus Miftah gave a rationalization about the wayang efficiency he held. However, this rationalization in fact made Gus Miftah even more blasphemy from netizens.
Gus Miftah held a shadow puppet show at his Ora Aji Islamic Boarding School. However, the puppet show in fact brought about a commotion. This is as a result of the puppeteer, ki Warseno Slank, items a “wayang dressed in a cap”.
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A host of events additionally mentioned that the “capital puppet” was identical to Ustaz Khalid Basalamah. There, there’s a scene the place the puppeteer beats up the puppet persona, triggering a commotion on social media.

Regarding this commotion, Gus Miftah then equipped rationalization via his non-public Instagram account. Gus Miftah firmly mentioned that the ingenious procedure of growing characters in wayang performances is the authority of the puppeteer.

“The puppeteer with all his authority can’t be interfered with the play he’s presenting. An unbiased puppeteer with his performs,” wrote Gus Miftah, Wednesday (23/2).

In addition, Gus Miftah mentioned many of the criticisms have been directed at him. Not to the mastermind, ki Warseno Slank. “But the level is at Miftah’s cottage, what’s flawed, Miftah!” mentioned Gus Miftah.

Gus Miftah then revealed that he was maintaining Indonesian tradition, specifically wayang kulit. Gus Miftah additionally puzzled why he was being blamed. In reality, he’s maintaining Indonesian tradition.

“The destruction of wayang is modest, if no one else takes it and appears to be like away. Lha Miftah thinks it’s simply in order that sustainability is maintained and as an alternative will get blamed,” mentioned Gus Miftah.

Closing the description of his add, Gus Miftah admitted that he was reluctant to express regret for containing the puppet show. However, he apologized for inflicting this sort of fuss.

“Okay high quality…. I’m sorry for the noise that came about, not as a result of I believed it was the puppet!” concluded Gus Miftah.

Apparently, netizens are nonetheless blaspheming Gus Miftah in the feedback column. “It doesn’t topic if the function model seems to be… by no means thoughts,” mentioned one netter. “You don’t deserve to be a task model,” mentioned any other netter. “Your hatred is just too visual,” mentioned any other netter.

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