rabbit-crushing video viral on Twitter

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The video is 4 minutes and 9 seconds long in total. Several small white bunnies are kept in metal cages in the corners of the film. Then a young woman in white in her twenties grabbed a rabbit from its cage, kissed it first, hugged it, and said “hello” to the camera. The girl then abruptly scooped up the bunny and threw it on the table.

The girl picked up the little bunny again after a while of Xiaobai, rubbed it carefully, tucked it into her pocket, and walked back and forth, muttering/singing. The girl then took a thick glass plate, drew a face on it, and placed it on top of the bunny.

The little rabbit’s body has been somewhat deformed, and the limbs are writhing. The girl, on the other hand, was not moved by the bunny’s fight and sat on the glass plate until the bunny was squished and his body ceased moving. The bodies of two more small rabbits lie on the ground as the camera pans.

In China, videos of young Chinese ladies stomping bunnies to death for amusement have been condemned.
After being identified by Chinese netizens, an accused culprit has apologized. Some have suggested that government legislation be enacted to protect animals from such mistreatment. According to an investigation, the videos were created with the intention of selling them to international “fetishers.”

A group of young women grinned and chuckled as they played with bunnies before crushing them to death in a viral video. A woman places a rabbit on a table, covers it with glass, and sits on it until the bunny dies in one scene. A woman crushed a bunny with her high heels in another case. Angry witnesses claimed one of the women spoke with an accent from Sichuan province in southwest China.

She was discovered there and identified as a woman from Luzhou. An unethical boss allegedly pushed the 26-year-old to appear in the video as an intern. She was initially requested to cut fruit, she added, before moving on to fish, lobster, and other live creatures.

For cutting fruit, she receives roughly 100 yuan ($15; 10 pounds), 200 to 300 yuan for some small animals, and up to 6,000 yuan for rabbits. She claims she was told the film was intended for international audiences and that if she refused to continue, she would be threatened by Chinese media.
Some speculate that the film was made by “animal smash fans,” but an investigative journalist claims to have infiltrated the organization.

He claimed that the videos would be produced for profit and marketed to “fetishers” around the world, mainly in the United States. As China has grown wealthier and more pet owners, local animal protection organizations have sprung up, but there are currently no laws in place to penalize animal abuse.

In the United States, a bill prohibiting such videos will be debated. According to the Humane Society of the United States, Animal Crush videos frequently feature scantily clad ladies engaging in sexual misconduct.

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