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Rainhoe Vtuber (Youtuber) Revealed her Face

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Rainhoe is a well-known YouTuber. Her Twitter handle is @RainhoeVT, and she is fairly active there. She is a demon girl that is currently trapped in space, according to her profile.

@Skullaraa is her mother, and @re reinly is her father. Her Twitter account has roughly 46.6 thousand followers.
In March 2022, she announced on her Twitter account that she will show her face in two hours. She hasn’t disclosed her face, though, until now.

Rainhoe Vtuber Revealed Her Face

Vtuber Rainhoe has stated that she will expose her identity, but has yet to do so. Rainhoe is a self-taught VTuber from the Netherlands.
She has approximately 85.7K followers on her twitch account. “I’m a demon girl from a cyberpunk dimension who is also imprisoned in space,” she claims in her bio. It’s a complete disaster. But it’s all right!!! Because I’m a gamer with a fast internet connection. I may be bad at games, but I enjoy playing them, and I hope my outgoing nature will delight you.
She is really amusing and plays with computer-generated female avatars.
She stated a few months ago that she is still figuring out who I am as a streamer and what content I want to create. It makes me feel a little lost at times, but I’ll figure it out eventually, and I appreciate her fans’ patience.
She is well-known for her contributions to the online games Just Chatting, Hollow Knight, and Phasmophobia.

Vtuber Rainhoe’s Nationality

She is of Dutch descent and resides in the Netherlands.
In September 2021, she made her Twitch debut. Her channel is dedicated to publishing broadcast highlights, and she has so far collaborated with other streamers to upload her Little Nightmares gameplay and online crane games.
She’s played chess, Mario Party Superstars, Terraria, and Shirahiko, as well as battleships with heavenly bodies.
Jhinxx was also included in a few of the streams. Her frequent contacts with CDawgVA have made her famous, and her most popular videos on her channel are about two.

Vtuber Rainhoe’s Real Name

She has kept her true identity a secret until now. Skullara is her character designer, and Reinly is her rigger. Vtubers have made it a fad to reveal their true names and faces.
On Cyber Live, she collaborates with Pandora Utano as an illustrator. The “Rainbros Great Order” is the name of their fan base.
She became a Twitch partner on March 14, 2021. Rain’s Jump King was her first personal best, and her current personal best is 6 minutes 37 seconds.
She recently bothers Connor for 3 minutes while online gaming. People, on the other hand, adore her style of play.

What is Rainhoe’s age

Because we can only guess her age based on her appearance, we can infer she is in her twenties.
She did, however, upload a photo of herself and another woman on Twitter with the message “Ur mom.” However, she has obscured the face with an emoji.
She’s delighted her fans enjoy reading about her nasty fuckin bowel motions in her tweets. She may also be found on TikTok and Wikitubia, in addition to her Twitter and Twitch profiles.
She was able to gain a large number of followers in such a short period of time, and the number is rapidly growing.

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