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Randall Dunn, (Ex-principal): Who Is He?

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Randall Dunn, who is he? Ex-principal is being sued by the mother of Chicago child Nate Bronstein, who was bullied to death.

A mother whose 15-year-old son was bullied at his private school in Chicago and committed suicide has demanded that the school’s former principal be dismissed from his new job for allegedly failing to prevent the tragedy. Rosellen Bronstein, 48, has also accused her son’s bullies’ father, Randall Dunn, 57, of failing to punish them. She has sued the Latin School of Chicago and its former principal, Dunn, for $100 million.

Dunn was set to become the head of the prestigious Rye Country Day School in Westchester, New York, in July, when the mother took action. “This is a warning to all of the parents at (Rye Country School.) It will happen again. Under Dunn’s leadership, their children will not be safeguarded in that school “Bronstein recalled her son being bullied.

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According to the New York Post, the mother said, “Dunn is unconcerned about his students. He is concerned with himself and his profession. He’s a liar. He is deceitful.” Nate Bronstein, Bronstein’s son, committed suicide in January. Dunn and others, according to his family, “intentionally overlooked” and “concealed” Nate’s abuse and harassment from peers “in order to preserve their distinguished façade.””

Nate Bronstein was allegedly bullied because of a misconception that he wasn’t vaccinated. Andrew Sanchez, a geometry teacher, humiliated the youngster on a frequent basis, including telling him he was “going nowhere in life,” according to the family’s legal complaint. Nate was discovered hanging from a noose attached to a shower in the family’s bathroom, a month after a classmate encouraged him to commit himself.

Randall Dunn, who is he?

Dunn attended Brown University and Harvard Graduate School of Education, according to his LinkedIn profile. After serving as Head of School for the Roeper School in Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham, Michigan, since 2004, he became the head of Latin School of Chicago in July 2011. According to the National Network of Schools in Partnership, he previously worked at the Potomac School in McLean, Virginia; the Brookline, Massachusetts public school system; Milton Academy in Milton, Massachusetts; Concord Academy in Concord, Massachusetts; and Derby Academy in Hingham, Massachusetts.

After her son’s death, Bronstein said, “I’m issuing a warning to all [Rye Country School] parents. This will happen once more. Under Dunn’s leadership, their children will not be safe in that school.” The family’s charges, however, are “inaccurate and misguided,” according to a statement from Latin School “.. “The instructors and staff at Latin School are compassionate people who prioritize the needs of children, as they did in this case,” the school said. “The school, its faculty, and its personnel will defend themselves against these baseless allegations.”

According to Bronstein, Dunn was well aware of Nate’s mistreatment. “They spent more time scolding at my son over wearing that f**king mask over his nose than they did educating the students to be inclusive, kind, compassionate, and loving,” she claimed.

Nate’s issue was also downplayed by the school, according to his mother, because he was White. She fumed, “They are extremely focused on their [Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion] things and all their progressive nonsense.” “I can guarantee you that if this had occurred to my kid and he had been black, things would have been handled very differently.” My son, on the other hand, was a white Jewish child.” Dunn pledged to look into Nate’s suicide, according to the Bronsteins, but he didn’t. None of his bullies had been expelled, they added.

Chicago Latin School (Wikimedia)

Meanwhile, Dunn allegedly informed Rye Country Day School of the boy’s suicide. The school stated that it has been in contact with the principal and the Latin School in order to “better comprehend the situation.” “The RCDS Board of Trustees, which is almost completely made up of current parents, places a high priority on student safety. “A committee of trustees has examined the details of this unfortunate situation and has found no evidence to substantiate Mr Dunn’s aggressive assertions or to raise safety concerns for the RCDS community,” the school said. “Mr Dunn has a 30-year track record as a caring and ethical educator, and we are excited to welcome him to RCDS.”

Dunn reportedly earned $750,000 in Chicago during the 2019-2020 fiscal year, according to tax documents. His pay at Rye is estimated to be in the millions of dollars. According to reports, Dunn’s representative said, “A child’s death is an unfathomable sorrow, and Mr. Dunn’s heart breaks for the Bronstein family. While it’s reasonable that bereaved parents seek to assign blame, the blame is misplaced, and the Bronsteins’ charges of misconduct against Mr. Dunn are utterly untrue and unjustified.”

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