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Raymundo Garduo Cruz, The Chosen One’s Cast: What Happened To Him?

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Raymundo Garduo Cruz, The Chosen One’s Cast: What Happened To Him?

The internet is in mourning after Netflix’s Raymundo Garduno Cruz and co-star Juan Francisco died in a tragic car accident. Check out his Wikipedia page for further information, as well as his age.

According to Deadline, Mexican actors Raymundo Garduo Cruz and Juan Francisco González Aguilar of the Netflix series “The Chosen One” were killed in a deadly car accident, while six other crew members were injured. The Baja California Department of Culture verified the horrible collision.

On June 16th, while filming in Santa Rosala, their vehicle flipped after working off a desert road at Mulege on the Baja California Sur peninsula via the transit from Santa Rosala to the native airport.

What happened to Raymundo Garduo Cruz, the Chosen One’s main character?

The offer was revealed Crew members were traveling in a van when it crashed and flipped near the set of the Netflix series The Chosen One, killing Raymundo Garduno Cruz and Juan Francisco.

Aside from the deaths of two actors, more details have surfaced from the tragedy in Mexico, which resulted in the injuries of two strong members and four staff members while filming the Netflix series The Chosen One.

Netflix, according to reports, has not commented on the issue, and SAG-AFTRA is looking into it since they’ve been in contact with Netflix and the Mexican actors union ANDA about the incident and are looking into the conditions with local manufactures.

According to Deadline, Redrum, the shooting firm, has temporarily halted production of the gathering following the fatal car accident.

The Chosen One, based on the Mark Millar and Peter Gross comic book series, follows a 12-year-old kid who discovers he is the resurrected Jesus Christ, destined to save humanity from extinction.

In addition, research:9-1-1 Tyler Sanders, a well-known Texas actor, died at the age of eighteen.

Wikipedia has a page for Raymundo Garduo Cruz

Raymundo’s death made a lot of news, and the internet is mourning his untimely death.

The actor began his career as a stage actor before moving on to television and film roles.

Novelist Rick Zazueta posted a scathing Facebook post requesting an investigation and accusing the Mexican film industry, revealing that the actors haven’t stopped complaining about being mistreated in the transportation and logistics department.

Raymond’s many friends are mourning his death through Twitter tweets.

The performer is 5 feet and 8 inches tall with a spherical weight of 75-80 kilograms.

Raymundo Garduo Cruz Age:

Raymundo appears to be in his 50s or early 60s on his Instagram photos.

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