Ririe Fairus Says Goodbye to Paris, Child’s Attitude Reluctant to Hold Ayus Sabyan Highlighted

The tale of Ririe Fairus being cheated on: Ririe Fairus was noticed entrusting her son to her ex-husband when she went to Paris, the kid’s chilly perspective against Ayus Sabyan straight away were given the highlight.
Celebrity ex-husband and spouse relationships are all the time in the public highlight. Ririe Fairus and Ayus Sabyan are the ones who are all the time talked about.
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Ririe Fairus and Ayus Sabyan are mentioned to have divorced as a result of of a 3rd particular person, Nissa Sabyan. Even although they are divorced, Ririe and Ayus are nonetheless on just right phrases for the sake of their child.

Yesterday, Saturday (26/2), Ririe was discovered to have flown to Paris, so the son was in the end entrusted to his father. Ririe’s son seems to be unhappy as a result of he has to phase with his mother.

When Ayus picked him up, his son in truth seemed chilly. In the video that was dispensed via the Instagram account, it was noticed the second the son was reluctant to be held by means of Ayus.

The son even were given out of Ayus’ automotive in the video. The son then straight away hugged Ririe.

The second of assembly the son and Ayus straight away won the highlight of netizens. They really feel that this is karma as a result of of Ayus’ personal fault.

Netizens discussed that Ririe and Ayus’ sons appeared uncomfortable with their very own father. The perspective of the son is thought of as not to be in a position to lie about it.

“It’s been stuck that I don’t need to be with his father, it signifies that his father doesn’t make his personal kid comfy, gasih bestaiiii?????” mentioned one netizen. “The kid may be afraid of his father,” mentioned every other. “Don’t need it, deck, it’s higher to discover a new papa,” mentioned every other. “The kid’s expression can’t be deceiving,” mentioned every other.

“I don’t need him to be introduced by means of his father,” every other exclaimed. “The kid doesn’t need to be shut to his father,” defined every other. “THIS IS ACTUALLY.. FATHER ^ Y IS SAD.. HAVE CHILDREN.. BUT NOT CONSIDERED.. SAME CHILDREN.,” mentioned every other.

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