Robert Pattinson defends the Twilight saga – and fans have the best reaction!

In a recent interview, the actor countered by Zoë Kravitz’s comment about the saga: If you like Robert Pattinson since the Twilight era, you must remember that he has already given several interviews revealing that he is not the number one fan of the saga and even firing some criticisms. against the movie franchise. But it seems that the actor decided to put aside his differences with the story about vampires, see? Robert even came to defend her during the promotion of Batman, her new movie! Follow Celebrilla for more updates.

In an interview with People, Zoë Kravitz admitted to never having watched Twilight.
“Not my thing, sorry,” explained the actress.
Robert Pattinson countered the co-star’s comment by saying, “Oh yeah… It’s not even cool to hate Twilight anymore.
This is so 2010.”
He just takes a look at the moment:

“I do not hate. I just didn’t. I actually saw the first one because my best friend made me go. So I don’t really remember,” Zoë revealed in the interview.

On the web, netizens had the best reaction to Robert’s comment.
“There’s a room only with posters and magazines from the twilight period and it doesn’t even make a point of hiding it anymore”, said one of the users via Twitter.

It is worth remembering that a podcast about the Twilight universe and its backstage was announced by Ashley Greene, the actress who gave life to the character Alice Cullen. The launch is scheduled for the next 15th and will have weekly episodes. It seems that the saga is more “alive” than ever, right?

Is that you? Team Robert that defends the saga or is it more like team Zoë that doesn’t like it that much?

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