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Robert Smigel & Stephen Colbert (Staff members) arrested & filed Trespassing charges

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In the Longworth House Office Building, Robert Smigel, the inventor of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, and the United States Capitol Police detained a number of more cast members of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

One among those imprisoned is Robert Smigel, the creator of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Smigel, who is 62 years old, is a regular on Colbert’s CBS show.
Josh Comers, a writer, and Allison Martinez, one of Colbert’s producers, were also held, according to Fox News.

Reason for Arresting Robert Smigel’s

Trespassing charges have been filed against Stephen Colbert’s staffers. U.S. Capitol Police detained Triumph the Insult Comic Dog creator Robert Smigel and numerous Late Show with Stephen Colbert team members on June 16.
Smigel and the producers of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert were first escorted away from a committee meeting on January 6, according to reports. Because they apparently lacked the proper credentials, the group was asked to leave the Capitol.
Later that evening, officials discovered the group in the Longworth House Office Building. The gang entered the facility without being escorted after it was locked to the public.
According to sources, the detainees were taken from a committee meeting earlier in the day on January 6 due to a lack of legitimate press credentials. The same group was later spotted within the Capitol complex, after it had been shut to the public.

Smigel’s name was found on a list of those being held by Capitol police. Triumph the Insult Comic Dog was present with a production crew, according to a CBS statement. Smigel and the Late Show team, according to the network, had no strange experiences.
The footage of Representative Barry Loudermilk leading a tour group through the Capitol one day before the rebellion was released by the January 6 committee just a few days before the upheaval.
Visitors at Loudermilk’s were caught on camera photographing places like security checkpoints and hallways that aren’t particularly appealing to tourists. It’s easy to imagine Robert Smigel and The Late Show mocking the unfettered access to the Capitol in some way.

Robert Smigel’s Wife And Family

Michelle Saks and Robert Smigel have been married since 1993. At the age of 57, she had lived a joyous and independent half-century.
Their family of three consists of their oldest son, Dan, and two sets of twins.
Dan, who was born in 1998, suffers from autism spectrum condition. When Michelle and Robert were raising their eldest son, they donated to autistic programmes.
They are members of the NEXT for Autism charity’s board of directors. Outside of the fundraisers and telethons, the pair makes every effort to raise awareness.
Michelle, who grew up in Allendale, New Jersey, didn’t say much about her parents. While maintaining a high-public life full of attention, she kept a low profile when it came to personal details about her family.
Naomi is her mother, and Howard N. Saks is her father, according to this.

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