Rohimah Ex-Kiwil Now Wife of Turkish Caucasians, Expresses Hope After Being Legal in the Eyes of Religion and 2 Countries

: Rohimah showed that it’s now felony to change into the spouse of a Turkish Caucasian in phrases of religion and state, revealing the id of the husband to this hope after marriage.
Happy news has simply come from Rohimah, Kiwil’s ex-wife. After being launched from the comic’s hands, now Rohimah now not holds the status of a widow after being formally married to a Caucasian from Turkey.
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This news itself was without delay shared by means of Rohimah thru a number of uploads on her Insta Stories. She re-uploaded the congratulations conveyed by means of a number of buddies in her first photo with her husband.

The news of the marriage of the former Kiwil in an instant grabbed so much of public consideration. Meanwhile, Rohimah herself in the end showed that she had given up her widow status and is now formally the spouse of a man from Turkey.

This reality was conveyed by means of Rohimah in her first add on her non-public account’s Instagram feed. Rohimah turns out to add every other candy photo when she kisses her husband’s hand. He additionally revealed that he was felony in the eyes of religion and two international locations with the man named Zeki Bayrak Iskander.

Don’t omit Rohimah additionally expressed her hope. He prayed that the family he lived with Zeki would be non violent and complete of love.

“Alhamdulillah… God prepared, Blessings to the World in the Hereafter… Legal in the eyes of religion and 2 international locations Indonesia – Turkey… Whatever it’s Bismillah… SAMAWA is with you my husband Zeki Bayrak Iskander and with all of my kids,” he mentioned.

Furthermore, Rohimah additionally expressed her gratitude to the closest folks. He expressed his gratitude for the prayers and enhance that flooded in for his marriage to Zeki.

“Thank you to all my buddies and my large family as smartly as my husband’s large family for the prayers, enhance and enthusiasm… BARAAKALLAH,” concluded Rohimah.

Congratulations once more flowed in the photo of Rohimah and her new husband. Netizens appear to be glad and pray for Rohimah and Zeki Bayrak Iskander’s family to remaining.

“Alhamdulillah… Always glad, expensive Rohimah mother,” mentioned the account @momqu*****. “Mashallah, expectantly the global will be glad in the hereafter,” mentioned the account @wiwik******. “And in the end… have a cheerful finishing,” mentioned @anggi******.

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