Sabrina Sato and Duda Nagle arrive playing with Zoe at the airport in Rio

Presenter Sabrina Sato and her husband, actor Duda Nagle, landed yesterday (24) in Rio de Janeiro, at Santos Dumont airport, playing with their little daughter Zoe.: Sabrina Sato and Duda Nagle arrived together in Rio de Janeiro, where they landed playing with her 3-year-old daughter Zoe at Santos Dumont airport, yesterday afternoon (24th). Follow Celebrilla for more celebrity, entertainment & Hollywood updates.

All stylish, the presenter was wearing a blouse tied in a different way and cropped pants, leaving part of her belly on display.
As for accessories, she wore sunglasses and a white Chanel bag, model 19, which costs R$32,000.
The girl was dressed as Disney’s Frozen princess, and her husband in a basic look, consisting of a white shirt and black pants.

Zoe, as always, very naughty, made a point of playing with her parents when they were still in the lobby, and was raised by them, the so-called “little plane”. The little one later went to Sabrina’s husband’s lap, while she talked to people in the place.

The couple has the habit of going to the Marvelous City to visit Duda’s family.
So much so that, on the last trip, the three climbed Pedra Bonita, in the southern district (Gávea).

Sabrina and Dudley finally appear alongside each other, after more than a month of rumors that the two had split up; some said that they are suffering a crisis in the relationship, and others only indicate that they have a full professional schedule, since the ex-BBB changed TV station earlier this year, and is busy with the recording period.

The rumors arose because the husband did not attend any of his wife’s birthday celebrations, which took place at the beginning of this month of February, and they did not even spend the New Year together.
And finally, when Sato turned 41 and a week later, during Valentine’s Day (the US equivalent of Valentine’s Day), Zoe’s father posted a picture of them on Instagram, but netizens thought they were too short messages. and formal.

Featured Photo: Duda Nagle holding Zoe on her lap next to Sabrina Sato.

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