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Sam Shelton & Ashley arrested for murder & Reveals Wedding Story

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Ashley appeared to have everything she sought, according to the Lifetime true story ‘Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story,’ including a spouse, a supportive family, and a group of friends.

She was also an excellent student and a standout basketball player in her high school. Things were going well for her at the moment, until she fell in love with her tutor, Sam Shelton, who ended up ruining her life.
Sam, who was also a professional wrestler and a gym trainer, used to educate her while she was in seventh grade. According to accounts, the two reconciled in February 2006, two months after she vanished.

Wedding of Sam Shelton and Ashley Reeves

Samson Shelton and Ashley were about to marry, and their wedding plans startled everyone because of their age difference.
Meanwhile, they never completed the ceremony and were only dating for a short period before deciding to take things further.
Sam, or Samson, also revealed in an interview after Ashely’s disappearance that her fascination with him was growing by the day.
Furthermore, the tragedy of Sam and Ashley is represented in the Lifetime film “Left for Dead,” in which we can tell that the two were intimately linked.

Sam also stated that he hugged her in the back of his automobile to acknowledge physical relationships. Officials called Ashley when his friends indicated that they were having a good time at the time.
Shelton was also dissatisfied with his relationship with Ashley. Despite the fact that they were rumoured to be dating, they never married.

What Has Happened to Sam Shelton?

Despite the fact that Sam had testified in detail about his actions, he was soon released on bond and placed under house arrest.
Shelton was charged with attempted battery for allegedly hitting emergency responders during a possible suicide attempt in February 2010, but the charges were withdrawn.
Sam refused to recognise the court or even apologise to his victim when given the chance.
The gym coach was sentenced to a 20-year sentence at Illinois’ Hill Correctional Center, and if his years are added together, he will be eligible for release in 2024.

Sam Shelton was arrested for attempting to murder Ashley Reeves

Ashley was accused of being groomed and nearly murdered by Shelton, who then broke her neck and abandoned her in the woods.
In contrast, he buried Ashley in the woods with trash and leaves, leaving her gasping for air.
In the documentary ‘Left For Dead: The Ashley Reeves Story,’ Sam can be seen attempting to pull Ashley out of the car as it becomes clear that Ashley understands they made a mistake by being physical.
Despite the fact that the authorities initially centred their suspicions on Ashley’s long-term lover, they rapidly realised that her absence could have been caused by Sam.

What Motivated Sam Shelton To Attempt To Murder Ashley Reeves?

Sam Shelton stated he wanted to stop the relationship during an interrogation with police, but Ashley refuted this when he was trying to get her out of the car.
Shelton broke Reeves’ neck with a chokehold to get her out of the car. Then he pulled her into the bushes, choked her with his belt and assaulted her with his hands.
After a twelve-hour investigation during which he changed his story multiple times, he finally accepted it.
He later led officials to Ashley’s body, which was discovered just 12 minutes from her Citizens Park home.
Ashley was discovered approximately thirty hours after her attack, severely damaged yet alive.

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