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“Sanya is exhausting”: Fans slam Sanya for her behavior towards Drew in RHOA Episode 7

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RHOA Season 14 returned for an all-new intense episode on Sunday night. Titled Who Gon Check on Me, Boo?, this week, the feud between Sanya and Drew continued. While the ladies were in Sanya’s cooking class, Sanya didn’t think twice before she got her claws out at Drew. Viewers claimed that the conflict Sanya helmed was uncalled for, and many sided with Drew.

Episode 7 of RHOA featured Sanya stirring more drama between her and Drew. She decided to bring up her previous arguments with Drew once again in front of the ladies, despite Drew telling her that she’d rather talk privately. Drew also shared that she was hurt by Sanya inviting her and later disinviting her to a photo shoot.

Drew also called out the RHOA star for not paying the makeup artist who touched up her makeup while they were in New York. Sanya’s no-holds-barred attitude came as a surprise to everyone. Even when Drew tried to explain her point of view, Sanya continued to yell at her.

It didn’t take long before Sanya’s mom included herself in the confrontation and sided with her daughter. She told Drew:

“Give her the same respect. You’re making faces, and you’re doing all this sh*** that you know is gonna aggravate her.”

Although Drew was visibly shocked by Sanya’s mom’s statement, it didn’t stop her from saying what was on her mind. She continued to call Sanya out for her behavior and even called her a clout chaser.

Sanya was shocked and shared:

“I don’t need to clout chase off of nobody. What am I clout chasing for? I’m a four-time Olympic gold medalist. Put some respect on my name!”

During her confessional, Drew shared that as friends, she felt like the duo could’ve resolved the conflict in private, but Sanya chose to bring it up in front of the group. She added that friends don’t act this way and believed that it was odd.

Fans who watched the episode took to social media to claim that they didn’t like the way Sanya went all out for Drew.

Fans criticize Sanya for stirring unwanted drama with Drew on RHOA Episode 7

Taking to Twitter, fans shared that they sided with Drew during the feud and added that Sanya was just doing a lot. A few other fans believed that Sanya was being shady and claimed the confrontation she started was uncalled for.

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