Sasha declares herself to João Figueiredo, her husband: ‘My life with you is a party’

Sasha, daughter of presenter Xuxa Meneghel, used her social networks to declare herself to her husband. With affectionate words to João Figueiredo, his declaration of love moved social networks. : Sasha used her social networks last Tuesday (22) to make a beautiful declaration of love to her husband, João Figueiredo. They have been married for nine months and have been together for over 2 years. Follow Celebrilla for more celebrity, entertainment & Hollywood updates.

On Instagram, the blonde selected several photos next to her beloved and declared herself to him.

Sasha declares to João Figueiredo, her husband: 'My life with you is a party' - 1

“My life with you is a party, it’s a starry sky, it’s the warmth of the sunset. You are the only piece that could fit into my puzzle. You give me butterflies in my stomach to this day, you know? Nine months married to you, 2 years and 2 months in love with you and discovering that every day it is possible to love you a little more,” wrote Sasha.

Sasha declares herself to João Figueiredo, her husband: 'My life with you is a party' - 2

At the end of last year, João shared with his fans how married life is going and the main points of the current phase.
“There is no better life when you live a healthy marriage, with lots of love and transparency, always willing to give more than to receive.
Almost seven months of marriage and it was the best months of my life,” he said.

At another time, a follower asked if the couple is considering the possibility of having children. “That’s the question we’ve been asked the most lately. For everything has its time, we want to have children, yes. And we won’t be long. But now we want to enjoy this unique phase of our life, travel a lot, work hard, and in the right time, it will happen,” he said.

Last year, Xuxa participated in a live with Jojo Todynho on Multishow’s Instagram and talked a little about her daughter’s wedding.
“I want to see her happy.
If she tells me she’s happy, I’ll be doubly happy.
Everyone knows: I’m an unmarried person, I’ve never been in favor of signing a paper to say you love someone, but I’ve always been in favor of people doing what they want.
And my daughter wanted to get married, she wanted to sign the paper, she is happy with her life.
She just misses a party, which we couldn’t have because of the pandemic.
But everyone understands that this was not possible.
She went to spend her honeymoon in an amazing place and now she’s there in New York, taking care of her things, since since she graduated, during the pandemic, she hasn’t returned there “, he said.

“I am very happy to know that she is well, that every time she sends me a picture, her little eye is shining, she is happy and I want to see her happy”, added the presenter.

Featured Photo: João Figueiredo and Sasha in click (Reproduction / Instagram)

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